Top 10 Tips and Tools to Increase Office Security

| Safety & Security

Keeping your workplace safe and secure can be a daunting task, so we’ve compiled a list of top tips and tools to increase office security to help! According to Gemalto’s Data Security and Confidence Index for 2016, more than two-thirds of IT and data specialists are not confident their information defense systems would survive an office perimeter breach. […]

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Why Visitor Management Systems in Healthcare Facilities are Vital

| Healthcare

Visitor management systems have been adopted in so many different sectors, but are few are more safety and security-conscious than healthcare. Unlike traditional methods, a visitor management system is more efficient and less time-consuming. Health facilities like hospices and care homes handle very critical cases of mostly terminally ill patients. These patients need minimal interference […]

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The Types of School Visitors, and How to Manage Them

| Schools & Education

Every school is dependant on the visiting personnel from many different departments to ensure it retains a high level of coordination and efficiency. The numerous types of school visitors can include van drivers delivering supplies, temporary teachers, or workers who need to carry out essential maintenance repairs. If you are a school receptionist or administrator […]

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5 Reasons a Visitor Management System is the Ideal Business Centre Office Solution

| Business Centres

When it comes to looking for business centre office solutions, it’s important you invest in solutions that actively make your business centre better. If you’re business centre still uses conventional sign-in books you’re losing out on so many features and savings. A visitor management system’s user-friendly visitor sign-in process, secure data storage and comprehensive management […]

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