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View and Edit Your User Lists

Users grid The Users section is where you can view all your users across all different user types, bulk import lists of users and edit individual users. You can find the Users option on the left navigation. Once within the Users section, you will find the Users grid which lists all your users. The Users […]

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Using the Dashboard and Grids

Introduction to the dashboard Once you log in to your VisiPoint Cloud account, you will be presented with the dashboard. The dashboard shows quick statistics at the top including the number of users signed in that day, and the grid, which shows your entry logs of logged-in users and denied users. This data is in […]

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Integrate with Azure Active Directory

What is Azure Active Directory? Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s enterprise cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution. You can manage all your identities and access to your resources centrally in Azure AD. Why integrate? By integrating with Azure AD, you can sync the users from your directory to your user list on […]

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Add Users and Bulk Import User Lists

Navigate to the Users section from the left navigation. At the top right, you will find a button to Add User – to add users individually – or Import Users for bulk importing of user lists. Add User When you click the Add User button you will be presented with a pop-up. Please fill in […]

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Update your Kiosk Settings and Manage your Sites and Areas

How sites, areas and kiosks work together When using a VisiPoint cloud license, your kiosks will always be assigned to a site, and an area within that site. This allows you to edit kiosk settings (e.g. brightness, schedule reboot, date format etc) at kiosk level, at area level, or at the site level. This means […]

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Using QuickPass QR Codes to Sign-in

This feature enables users to generate a QR code entry pass with their details that is valid for 7 days. The user will be able to sign in quickly at any VisiPoint kiosk (which has a QR code reader). How do system admins allow users to sign in with a QuickPass? As an admin, you […]

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How to Add a System User/Admin

As a system user, you will be able to invite or revoke users from the dashboard by using “Available Actions” in the Users section. You’ll also be able to add or delete any users and edit their data. Add a system user/admin to your dashboard To add a system user, follow these steps: Access your […]

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How to Create and Use Your VisiPoint Passport

What is a VisiPoint passport? Any system user (an admin user that is given access to the company dashboard) will be prompted to create a VisiPoint passport account to gain access.  In your passport account you can: Access and download your QuickPass QR code (which never expires unless you delete your account) – you can […]

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