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Reset Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it. From the login screen, please click on Forgot Password located below the password field. You will then be presented with a screen to confirm the method you’d like to use to reset your password – either your registered email address or mobile number. Reset your […]

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Track Vaccination Status/PCR Results

This guide explains how to track vaccination status and/or PCR test results using VisiPoint. A user’s vaccine or PCR status can be gathered using 2 methods: 1. Users have to scan the QR code from their digital COVID pass on the kiosk as they enter*2. Admins can add a user’s vaccine certificate or PCR result […]

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Create and Edit User Types

About user types User Type is the defining field that groups users together in the system. It categorizes users based on a user group. The 3 default user types are: Walk-in = New visitors that are not recognised as having a profile in the system Visitor = Visitors that are known already as they have […]

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Access Scan History and Export Logs Remotely using Reports

Using reports Your reports can be accessed by going to Reporting from the left navigation and clicking on History. The reporting section includes a grid, which works the same way as the grid in the dashboard. In the left section above the Grid area, you will see the display button that will allow you to […]

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