Real-time insight of who’s in, out and expected at your business centre

3 Key Features of VisiPoint:

  • Visitors, Contractors, & Staff effortlessly sign-in & out via the touch screen terminal.
  • Reception Dashboard showing who’s in and out of the building in real-time.
  • Management Reports and History at your fingertips for all visitor, contractor & tenant activity and record-keeping.

Reflect a modern & professional image at your reception, while being empowered with data...

Enhance your workspace offering with VisiPoint digital visitor management system:

Professional Paperless Reception

A beautifully crafted all-in-one touch screen terminal - purpose built for ergonomic visitor management - that sits at reception with fully digital operation. No more visitor books or paperwork!

Real-Time Access to Premises Status

Real-Time Premises Status. The system updates itself instantly, meaning you’re always empowered with live premises activity and attendance intelligence, that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.


A comprehensive history of all visitor, contractor and staff activity, with user-friendly reporting tools and a flexible web-based management dashboard. Gain incredible insight in an instant!

Photo ID

VisiPoint prints a high-quality photo ID badge for all persons coming to your premises, clearly showing their details, visit information and what access has been granted.

Fire / Evacuation

From any mobile device with a browser, you can pull-up an instant register of all persons on site and check them off as ‘found’ in case of an emergency situation.


Besides your standard T&Cs, contractors working on site will be presented with specific questions to fortify health & safety measures and allocate correct permits to work.

Too many business centres still rely on an dated visitor book to manage and safeguard their premises. For tenants this doesn't give them the modern, innovative image they strive for.

It provides little benefit and gives no usable data to gain insight from - which is a must-have in this digital era.

1Are you able to see everyone that’s in, out or expected at your building instantly?

2Do your visitors & contractors fully read and agree to your site terms, and is a record kept of that?

2Are you able to access a full history of all visitor & contractor activity, without checking through any paperwork?

4Are you able to do any of the above remotely no matter where you are?

If you answered 'NO' to any of the above, then read on... 

The VisiPoint dashboard allowed me to add and see all our expected, signed in and signed out visitors and tenants at a glimpse of an eye for the first time! 

Receptionist at a serviced business centre

"We were hesitant at first but, after taking a trial, it was a no-brainer!"

“Image is very important for us. VisiPoint empowers our receptionists with the right information when a visitor comes through the door. It gives our company the modern, organised image we strive for - achieved by using information we’ve never before had.”

- Senior Partner (85 Employee Accountancy Firm)

What VisiPoint Does for You:

Most user friendly real-time Visitor Management Dashboard

VisiPoint’s real-time dashboard can be accessed from your phone, tablet or PC. It’s been reviewed as the most intuitive dashboard seen by our clients.

  • Expecting certain visitors today? Pre-register the visitor details and VisiPoint will speed up their sign-in process. Or issue a fast-track badge for seamless arrivals and departures. 
  • Need to check when a visitor or contractor was there? Select a date range or specific user profile, and you'll see a complete day-by-day timesheet.
  • Wondering if staff member is in the building? One-click on the dashboard and you'll be able to see their whereabouts with a full staff history in an instant.

VisiPoint dashboard is loved by receptionists and relied-upon by managers.

Instant Emergency Call-out Lists

  • You no longer have to grab a book, print sheets or struggle to read unclear handwriting in the case of an emergency. From any browser-enabled mobile device (phones, tablets, laptops etc.) you can access the most up-to-date register of everyone at your premises.
  • You’ll be presented with all their contact details and visit information, as well as a photo for instant recognition. Simply scroll down the list and tick the ‘found’ box when someone’s been located.
  • You can also print out the latest emergency list to use for fire drills or manual roll-calls.

Detailed Reports

Complete history and reports at your fingertips

  • Produce reports tailored to your needs

whether it’s attendance over a date range, contractor timesheets, specific company / visitor records or just about anything else.

  • Comprehensive record-keeping provides a vast array of key data to work with

giving you constant insight to aid decision-making and ensure total continuity.

  • Simple, graphical interface for all reporting

designed to present snippets of key information or an entire overview of activity in the most appealing and usable way.

Hardware you can rely on 

VisiPoint comes in two forms:

1 Kiosk Terminal

designed for 24/7 365 use with full vandal-proofing & logo branding

2 Tablet Terminal

designed as a compact, all-in-one unit for flexible installations

Purpose-built hardware made with superior quality components, to ensure durability and flawless operation of your VisiPoint system – whether it’s located in a modern reception space or a demanding industrial environment.

  • Kiosk Option
  • Tablet Option

Integrated Badge Printer

350+ badges per roll with our ‘best in class’ thermal printers

Integrated Camera

13-megapixel camera for high-definition photo taking

Badge Scanner

Quick scanning of badge barcodes for instant sign-in/out

Wifi & Network 

Designed to work on all networks over WiFi or Ethernet


Eco-friendly hardware combined with paper-saving software

Contactless Card Reader

Use existing key cards and fobs to scan-in/out at the terminal

24/7 365 Operation

Designed to run maintenance-free 24/7 all year around

Anti-Vandal System

Prevent unwanted access to the terminal and software


Keep everything as-is in case of faults or power outages

The VisiPoint kiosk and tablet terminals are amazing, I think the style will suit just about any space, and the functionality is unparalleled. Couldn’t be easier to use too – just turn it on and let it do the rest!

- Business Centre Manager, Sunderland

"The VisiPoint kiosk and tablet terminals are amazing, I think the style will suit just about any space, and the functionality is unparalleled. Couldn’t be easier to use too – just turn it on and let it do the rest! "

- Primary School Head Teacher, Middlesbrough

Our numbers say it all...

4500 + Visits per month
12 Months Average Return on Investment
0 support call Received since last month

...but it’s what our customers say that matters

"We have the entire latest tech at our business centre, so the obvious next step was a modern solution for our front desk - VisiPoint was the perfect partner."

- Centre Manager, Business Centre

"The kiosk show our tenants visitors what a professional environment they work in – it’s great conversation starter!."

- Centre Manager, Business Incubation Centre

"Our tenants can quickly sign in with their existing security fob, it’s such an easy process."

- Operations Manager, Business Hub

"We are on target to have a return on investment in less the one year, along with better safeguarding standards - I would recommend VisiPoint to everyone."

- Director of Operations, UK Managed Business Centres

"It's so easy to use - pre-booking appointments for tenants is a great feature. I can now plan my other duties around my visitor arrivals."

- Administrator, Serviced Offices

"Hassle-free signing in. Visitor sheets are a thing of the past. Nice tidy reception desk at last!."
"Our tenants can use their access badge to instantly sign in or out. It takes less than a second."

- Facilities Manager, Multi-Site Business Space Provider

"The car registration search is a great feature. It takes no time at all to track down the owner when we have a busy car park."

- Facilities Manager, Managed Workspace

"VisiPoint - turn it on once, and leave the rest to us"

The only system designed to run 24/7 365 days a year Kiosk Terminal, without the need for staff intervention. Empower your receptionists with information and give them the extra time needed to properly welcome your visitors on arrival.

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You gain no advantage with sign-in books:

What our customers say?

Do you think VisiPoint removes the personal touch from your reception area in comparison to the old visitor book?
No, actually we discovered that the Visitor books did not present the personal touch. However, VisiPoint did, and it gave our receptionist more time to welcome visitors as they arrive and while they’re signing-in. Our customers love it and we love seeing them use it – especially when their photo ID badge appears at the end!

Do you think the VisiPoint touch screen is difficult to manage?
Not at all. We even stopped switching it off, and it's been running constantly for over 5 months now. It goes into energy saving mode when not being used, so it’s proving to be extra economical too.

What is the ROI on VisiPoint in comparison to your original badges?
We’ve already made an overall saving just on annual stationary costs by using VisiPoint. our personalised badges we had before were more expensive than the whole VisiPoint system!. 

Did your visitors like sign in books more than VisiPoint?
Our visitors didn't express if they liked the sign-in book more or not. However they do tell us that they love the touch screen kiosk. Especially that it remembered them from the first time they visited, so they didn't have to fill in their details again.

Do you think your contractors liked the signing in book more than VisiPoint?

Some contractors much prefer the new touch screen, and others preferred the old sign-in book. But for us,  the reduction to contractor management time alone outweighs everything – now that we can pull-up timesheets, health & safety agreements and any permits / access instantly.

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30-day 'no quibbles' Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident that VisiPoint will revolutionise your reception, that we back every purchase up with a 'no quibbles' guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied for whatever reason within 30 days of delivery, just let us know and we'll process your full refund.

"We've developed VisiPoint based on the feedback received from our customers since day one. That's what sets it apart from anything else you've seen. Our dedicated team quality checks and support every installation to ensure VisiPoint works for you.
Mahmoud Elsaid - Director

VisiPoint is your 24/7 365 e-reception system. With features designed by Business Centres for Business Centres, VisiPoint is the perfect addition to your building’s reception. Empower your reception team, transform your front desk and view all information needed about visitors, contractors and staff.

If you’re operating a multi-tenanted building - make VisiPoint your next investment.
You’ll wonder why you hadn’t sooner!

VisiPoint e-reception system provides you with:

  •  Visitor Management Kiosk or iPad-like Tablet for your tenants, staff and visitors to use - an Electronic Sign-In System with intuitive touch screen interface.
  • Comprehensive Visitor Tracking Dashboard, allowing you to monitor all building activity in real-time and pull-up detailed reports when needed from any location.