Modernise your Front Desk

Your visitors get a great first impression as they sign in with the sleek easy-to-use system, while
your team are empowered with a live view of who is on site.

Watch how VisiPoint transforms the visitor experience

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simple visitor sign-in

Give visitors a great first impression

With its intuitive user interface and modern design, VisiPoint gives visitors an excellent first impression. The system is easy to use and makes the sign-in process fast, efficient and paperless. There's no limit on visitor sign-ins or on staff accounts, so the system grows with your organisation. Following on-screen prompts, a visitor will:

  • 1
    Enter their details
  • 2
    Agree to site terms and conditions
  • 3
    Have their photo taken for an ID badge

management dashboard

Get real-time reports of everyone signed in

The central management dashboard gives you comprehensive reports in real-time. Whether you need to check who is signed in, staff attendance dates, contractor time sheets or visitor records, it’s all accessible from any device with an internet browser. 

  • Detailed reports on visitor, staff and contractor activity
  • Access the dashboard via internet browser on any device - desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile
  • Live reports give you an up-to-date view of who is signed in
VisiPoint QuickPass Email

visitor pre-registration

Speedy entry with mobile QuickPass QR code

Expecting a certain visitor? With pre-registration you can add their details to the system in advance to speed up the process of signing in. Or send an invitation asking guests to pre-register their own details, alongside issuing a mobile QuickPass QR code so your guest can scan the code on their phone to sign in when they arrive. 

  • Pre-register visitors, completing their details on the dashboard
  • Send an email invitation for guests to input their details before they arrive - saving time on the day
  • Issue mobile QuickPass QR codes for speedy sign-in

evacuation registers

Access instant emergency lists

From any device with a browser, you can pull-up an instant register of everyone on site and check them off as ‘found’ in case of an emergency situation. The register contains contact details, visit information and a photo for instant recognition. You can easily print the list too. 

  • Live emergency lists that update in real-time
  • Access from any device with an internet browser
  • Quickly perform roll-calls
VisiPoint Photo ID Badge

Photo id badges

Photo ID badge for quick identification

VisiPoint prints a photo ID badge for everyone coming onto your premises, clearly showing their details, visit information and what access has been granted.

  • Displays key information and level of access
  • Prints black and white photo via thermal ID badge printer

email notifications to staff

Staff are notified by email when their visitor arrives

VisiPoint allows visitors to sign in and out in seconds using RFID access cards. The system integrates seamlessly with your existing access control cards and fobs by matching our RFID readers to the frequency of your access cards. 

  • Allow staff, visitors and contractors to instantly sign in and out
  • Integrates with existing access control systems
Email Notification to Staff
RFID Access Control Sign-In


Instant staff sign-in with door access cards

VisiPoint allows staff to sign in and out in seconds using RFID access cards. The system pairs seamlessly with your existing access control cards and fobs by matching our RFID readers to the frequency of your access cards. 

  • Allow staff, visitors and contractors to instantly sign in and out
  • Integrates with existing access control systems

See how VisiPoint transforms the visitor experience

The perfect partner for your reception team, or standalone
 in an unmanned reception


The intuitive device will intelligently identify repeat visitors to streamline the process for repeat visitors and save time on entry. Once a visitor types the first 3 letters of their name, matching profiles will appear.

  • Auto identify based on first 3 characters of name
  • No need for repeat visitors to enter their details each time they visit - quick and easy!

VisiPoint stores all data securely in the cloud in full compliance with GDPR, so you rest can assured your data is private and stored safely. Data is captured in consent with your terms and conditions. 

  • Visitor history and records only accessed by admin level staff members
  • Cloud storage in an EU Data Centre
  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transfer
auto sign-out

Worried that some visitors or staff will forget to sign out when they leave the premises? Set an auto sign-out time so no one still appears as signed in on the following day.

  • Set an auto sign-out time e.g. midnight
  • Anyone signed in at this time will be signed out by the system
  • Keeps reports and visitor history accurate
custom branding

All VisiPoint systems can be branded on-screen with your organisations logo to keep the system in line with your brand identity. 

  • On-screen branding implemented in a few clicks
  • VisiPoint kiosk can have organisation logo silk printed to the front of the kiosk
custom buttons and fields

Customise the welcome screen on your device by renaming your sign-in buttons to your required user types. Using custom fields you can easily add your own fields to the sign-in process to capture information specific to your organisation. 

  • Create custom sign-in buttons e.g. volunteer
  • Use custom fields to capture specific information as part of the sign-in process e.g. DBS number
multi site management

Manage multiple sites or buildings easily, with the ability to see an overview of visitor history for all locations at once or each separately.

  • Central management dashboard for reporting overview
  • Get reports and specific information for each building or site separately
  • Staff and contractors can sign in and out between sites easily whilst being tracked on the system

Every customer has access to our dedicated customer support team via phone, email or live chat channels during office hours. 

  • Phone, email and live chat channels
  • 99% of support cases resolved remotely
  • Support during office hours, Monday-Friday
knowledge base and tutorials

The VisiPoint Knowledge Base is available on our website and has a wealth of how-to articles, resources and video tutorials. 

  • Access our online knowledge base 24/7/365
  • Step-by-step articles and video tutorials
  • YouTube channel complete with video tutorials
Calendar Integration

Use your email calendar to send an invitation to your visitor and the appointment will automatically sync a visit in the VisiPoint dashboard.

  • Use your email calendar to arrange a visit
  • Your guest will receive an email to confirm the appointment and details of their visit
  • Once the appointment is accepted it will sync with the management dashboard

Easily sign in and out groups of individuals all at once for safe and streamlined event sign-in. Perfect for events, networking meetings, school clubs, parents evenings and more. 

  • Sign groups in or out of the premises all at once to reduce queues when an event is taking place
  • Perfect for meetings, conferences, school trips
TIME-SHEETS and reports

Need to know exactly how long a contractor spent on site for payroll? Or perhaps you'd like to use your sign-in history for staff time-sheets. Access comprehensive reports and export easily to an excel workbook. 

  • Complete, day-by-day time-sheet for specific time frames and user profiles
  • Export time-sheets for individuals, departments or the full organisation in a few clicks 
advanced features

Supercharge your visitor and reception management system with our advanced features for a sophisticated and powerful reception solution. Advanced features are available to add on to our Enterprise level plans. 

  • Membership management
  • Interactive wayfinding maps
  • Staff and building directory

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