The Easy-To-Use Visitor Management System Your Visitors and Staff Will Love


Deliver a warm welcome to your visitors from the moment they step through the door. Greet your visitors, staff and contractors with a modern sign-in system that provides photo ID, up-to-date emergency lists and live information on who's signed in.


digital visitor management system

Streamline visitor sign-in

Replace your paper book with a sleek, touch screen visitor management system that provides a fantastic visitor experience and improves safeguarding.

The online management dashboard provides live reports of who is signed in and up-to-date evacuation registers in case of an emergency. All of which can be accessed from any device with a browser. 

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visitor management system
visitor management system
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Traditional visitor books were designed for a
safety culture that no longer exists

Paper visitor book
  • Fail to provide an instant list of who is signed in
  • Are old-fashioned and inefficient
  • Store the information captured insecurely
  • Fall short of giving your visitors a good first impression
  • Difficult and time-consuming to pinpoint visitor history
Automated visitor management system
  • Equips you with a real-time list of everyone signed in
  • Stores data and visitor history securely in the cloud
  • Delivers an outstanding visitor experience
  • Complies with GDPR
  • Provides a paperless entry process

visitor sign-in solution

Transform your reception

More companies, schools and healthcare facilities are switching to digital visitor management systems than ever before. Organisations need a more efficient and modern way to manage visitor sign-in and employee clock-in. 

Zentron 8 Kiosk with Visitor Management Software at Reception
Zentron 8 Kiosk Desktop Stand

COMMERCIAL-grade kiosks

Hardware that's built for purpose

At VisiPoint we understand that every organisation has different needs, whether you have a manned or unmanned reception or multiple entry points. That's why we've paired the VisiPoint platform with the Zentron kiosks, commercial-grade sign-in kiosks that are designed to operate flawlessly 24/7. 

Pick from an 8-inch kiosk or 15-inch kiosk and find the perfect hardware for you.

The perfect partner for your reception team, or standalone
 in an unmanned reception

ID Badges

High-quality photo ID badge that displays key information and granted access areas

Mobile QuickPass

Pre-register your visitors and issue a QuickPass code so visitors can scan the code on their phone to sign in

Evacuation Register

Instant registers can be printed or accessed from any device with an internet browser

Cloud Backup

All data is stored in the cloud and encrypted at rest and in transfer for complete security 

Custom Branding

Make it your own by adding your brand logo onto the sign-in screen

Email Notifications

Staff receive email notifications when their guest completes the sign in process

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VisiPoint is so easy to use and the customer service is brilliant. The biggest benefits for us are being able to access live reports of staff and visitors on site and up-to-date evacuation lists via mobile while performing our fire drills.

Kathy Matthews // Office Manager 

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