Visitor Management System for Schools

Enhance your school safeguarding with live reports of who is signed in and real-time evacuation registers.
 The sleek, easy-to-use solution will leave your visitors with a great first impression too.

We know that the top priority of any primary school, secondary school or multi-academy trust is to create a safe and secure environment for pupils. Visitor books fail to provide accurate visitor history for safeguarding, create a mountain of data work for your admin team and are old fashioned at your reception.

That's why we created a visitor management system for schools that prioritises safeguarding while providing a great user experience and remaining affordable to meet school budgets.

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With VisiPoint's school sign-in solution you will:

  • Give visitors a great first impression
  • Improve school safeguarding for pupils, visitors and staff
  • Access instant fire registers on any device
  • View live reports of who is signed into your school
  • Keep your data secure and compliant with GDPR
  • Print photo ID badges automatically

Visitor books were designed for a time when minimum safety measures fulfilled the expectations of parents, governors and Ofsted

Paper visitor book
  • Fail to provide an instant list of who is signed in
  • Are old-fashioned and inefficient
  • Store the information captured insecurely
  • Fall short of giving your visitors a good first impression
  • Difficult and time-consuming to pinpoint visitor history
School sign-in system
  • Equips you with a real-time list of everyone signed in
  • Stores data and visitor history securely in the cloud
  • Delivers an outstanding visitor experience
  • Complies with GDPR
  • Provides a paperless entry process

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The perfect partner for your school admin team

Sync with MIS

Integrate VisiPoint with your MIS to automatically sync data such as late arrivals and students signing out for appointments.

Speedy mobile sign-in

Pre-register your visitors and issue a QuickPass code which visitors can scan from their phone to sign in.

Live emergency lists

Up-to-date fire lists are accessed in seconds and multiple individuals can work through the roll-call at the same time.

Photo ID badges

A photo ID badge is printed automatically for each visitor with their photo and visit details for easy identification.

Email notifications to staff

Staff are notified by email once their visitor has and signed in so staff can meet them quickly with a professional welcome.

Instant card sign-in

Staff can sign in with their existing door access cards by tapping the card on the RFID reader.

Auto-identify visitors

Repeat visitors will be
 intelligently identified as they type the 3rd letter of their name during sign-in.

Events, groups and clubs

Easily sign in and out groups of individuals - perfect for events, school clubs, parents evenings and more.

Customise your process

Customise the sign-in process by creating your own sign-in buttons for your user types and custom data fields for data capture.

Give visitors a great first impression

With its intuitive user interface and modern design, VisiPoint gives visitors an excellent first impression. The system is easy to use and makes the sign-in process fast, efficient and paperless. There's no limit on visitor sign-ins or on staff accounts, so the system grows with your organisation.
Following on-screen prompts, a visitor will:

  • 1
    Enter their details
  • 2
    Agree to site terms and conditions
  • 3
    Have their photo taken for an ID badge
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purpose-built tablets and kiosks

Commercial hardware designed for 24/7 operation

We have developed our own purpose-built hardware to run seamlessly together with our intelligent software. Our hardware is designed specifically for visitor management and 24/7 public use. Select from the Zentron 8 or Zentron 15 model, with your choice of wall mount, desk mount or freestanding floor stand.

  • Vivid, responsive touch screen
  • Built-in camera, RFID reader and QR code scanner
  • Ruggedised, anti-vandal design
  • USB connection to ID badge printer
  • Ethernet and WiFi connectivity

management dashboard

Real-time reports of who is signed in and expected at your organisation

Stay informed about organisation with key information in real-time from the management dashboard, where you can generate reports on visitors, staff and contractors. Data is stored securely in the cloud in an EU Data Centre, in compliance with all GDPR regulations. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit to keep you safe from data breaches.

  • Manage your staff, contractors and deliveries and generate real-time reports
  • Log on anywhere, anytime - all you need is a device with a web browser including a phone, tablet or laptop
  • Access and print up-to-date emergency lists for evacuations
visitor management system

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What our schools say about VisiPoint

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VisiPoint is so easy to use...

"VisiPoint is so easy to use and the customer service is brilliant. The biggest benefits for us are being able to access live reports of staff and visitors on site and up-to-date evacuation lists via mobile while performing our fire drills."

KATHY MATTHEWS  //  Office Manager

Helps us to meet our GDPR and safeguarding requirements...

"The VisiPoint system is very reliable, easy to use, helps us to meet our GDPR and safeguarding requirements and in the event of a whole school emergency we can remotely pull up a list of who is on-site to ensure everyone's safety."

Samantha McFarlane  //  Admin Officer

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