March 29

How to Improve your School’s Security in Affordable Ways


School security doesn’t have to cost the earth. Find out how you can affordably boost your school’s security measures.

Improving the security of your school is vital, and not as difficult as you might imagine. It also doesn’t have to be costly. We’ve put together some great security improvements that don’t break the bank.

Why do we need security in small schools?

The need for school security is, more than ever before, vital to the well-being of students and teachers alike. A school should be a safe learning and working environment for everyone. The best way to ensure this is by improving your security measures.

A common concern of head teachers and school business managers when it comes to security is cost. However, there are plenty of cost-effective options out there.

Why should you review and upgrade your school security?

There are a multitude of reasons you should regularly review and upgrade your security. If your school is serious about deterring bullying, vandalism and those who want to harm students or staff, frequent security improvements are a must.

A great way to review your security measures is to contact your local authority. They can help identify security issues and help you implement solutions.

How can my school affordably improve security?

Here are just a few of the affordable ways you can improve security in your small school:

Outdoor and perimeter options

Start by identifying areas where potential threats can hide. This can be done by cutting back trees and shrubs, creating more open space. This makes it harder to hide behind objects and easier to spot intruders.

Securing your school’s perimeter is also essential. You can also install fences around the school. This reduces potential access routes to the school grounds. This makes it easier to monitor everyone coming and going through the school.

Try keeping an open area between cars and your fenced areas. This can improve visibility and reduce the number of hiding areas, making it easier to spot potential threats from a distance.

Indoor security

There are a number of way you can improve your indoor security for free. These measures can be as simple as ensuring windows are locked and doors are not held open.

Another simple measure you can take to improve school security is to keep hallways well lit and free of unnecessary objects.

Investing in a visitor registration system is also a great way to improve your school’s security. Systems such as VisiPoint allows for instant reporting on all visitor activities and offers a simple, paperless sign in process.

This process eliminates the need for paper sign in books and associated recurring costs. You can expect to see a huge return on investment from this, after the initial cost of the system.

If you’re looking for a secure, affordable visitor management system for your school, check out VisiPoint.

VisiPoint is recommended by Schools North East and offers best-in-class visitor tracking and site security.


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