Visitor Management

Paper visitor books were designed for a culture that no longer exists, where minimum security measures
 fulfilled expectations. Imagine a visitor book that provides real-time reports, complies with GDPR and
 delivers an outstanding visitor experience.

the balance between safety and privacy

Transforming the visitor experience

We live in an era where safeguarding and security are undeniable, everyday priorities. We require secure and indestructible records of the movement of people, in case of emergency situations.

Paper visitor books were designed for a culture that no longer exists, where minimum security measures fulfilled expectations.

Visitor management provides a balance between safety in your workplace for your stakeholders - whilst keeping everyone's data private. 

Paper visitor books
  • Fail to provide an instant list of who is signed in
  • Are old-fashioned and inefficient
  • Store the information captured insecurely
  • Fall short of giving your visitors a good first impression
  • Difficult and time-consuming to pinpoint visitor history
Electronic visitor management system
  • Equips you with a real-time list of everyone signed in
  • Stores data and visitor history securely in the cloud
  • Delivers an outstanding visitor experience
  • Complies with GDPR
  • Provides a paperless entry process

automated visitor management

Visitor sign-in process with no staff intervention required

A visitor management system comprises three components - the software which visitors use to sign-in, the touchscreen hardware and your central management dashboard.

It mimics the process that visitors go through when filling out a visitor book, automating these steps into a fully self-service process.

Following on-screen prompts, visitors:

  • Enter their details
  • Agree to site terms and conditions
  • Have their photo taken for an ID badge

Discover how VisiPoint can
 transform your reception

Explore all features including photo ID badges, evacuation registers and host email notifications. 

See our purpose-built hardware, manufactured by VisiPoint, to find the perfect tablet or kiosk for your organisation. 

Supercharge your sign-in process for visitors with membership management, directories and wayfinding.

digital visitor management system

Transform your visitor experience

  • Present a warm welcome and modern image
  • Create a safer environment for visitors, staff and students
  • Notify staff when a visitor arrives for a professional greeting
  • Issue visitors with a QuickPass code to sign-in with their mobile
  • Perform quick roll-calls with real-time evacuation lists
  • Store visitor data securely in the cloud, in compliance with GDPR

A digital visitor book that your visitors and staff will love

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