Data Processing Addendum

VisiPoint Data Processing Addendum - VisiPoint, L Display, TouchExhibition, TouchRetail, Geowayfinding, PeakSignage, Survey System are all brands of LamasaTech Ltd. 

LamasaTech Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Certification number: ZA515240.

You can download a copy of our full data handling agreement here

1. Processing by LamasaTech

1.1   Subject matter of processing

  • Processing on behalf of LamasaTech’s end customer (who is also the controller of the data) to provide such end user’s customer with access to LamasaTech’s “VisiPoint” Product

1.2.   Nature and purpose of processing

  • Retrieving and posting data from school MIS (management information system) through Wonde (third party)
  • Retrieving and posting data to Customer’s CRM provider (when requested)
  • Retrieving and posting data to Customer’s other systems (i.e. University system) as requested
  • Retrieving and posting calendar appointments (if calendar module is purchased)
  • Verifying identity and DBS check (if the Customer has purchased the required API)
  • Service to send text messages to mobile operators (if the Customer has purchased the SMS package)

1.3.   Duration of processing

  • 7 years unless otherwise requested by the customer
  • 30 days from customer account termination

2. Types of Personal Data

Customer’s account:

  • Admin Name
  • Admin email
  • Admin audit trail, history log and actions across the system
  • Admin’s photo
  • Admin’s contact number
  • Admin’s IP address
  • Admin’s web browser agent and device details
  • Admin’s password to access the system

Customer’s users:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Department
  • Car Registration
  • Photo
  • Company
  • Certificate log and document
  • DOB
  • Pupil/student
  • Class
  • Attendance
  • Student ID number
  • Signature
  • Terms and conditions agreed
  • Survey/Feedback answers given
  • Certificates provided
  • Email opens
  • Links clicked on emails (confirm appointment, etc.)

If requested by the Customer:

  • User location, if using geowayfinding that identifies a specific user around the campus/factory for safety reasons; or
  • If no safety reason is required, anonymous user data collected for analytics and reporting

If using the “VisiPoint Passport” app:

  • Device details
  • Device location
  • Activity conducted by the user across the app

If the facial recognition module is purchased:

  • Data subject’s facial image is processed for sign in/out

If the Governance module is purchased:

  • Visitor/Staff/Contractor scanned ID documents for automated verification of their identity
  • Visitor/Staff/Contractor scanned ID documents for staff to manually verify their identity
  • Visitor/Staff/Contractor scanned ID documents for verification of their identity

    (NB ID document type is defined by the data subject (e.g. passport/driving license/student card)

3. Categories of Data Subject

  • Staff
  • Visitor
  • Contractor
  • Pupil
  • Student

4. Approved Sub-processors/Countries

  • X Digital Group, LamasaTech’s support partner for support issues that require developer’s intervention – Egypt


Our team are working safely to support you as normal. If you are unable to reach us on the phone, please use our live chat or submit a request on our contact page. We will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.