Powerful Integrations


Create one seamless process by linking together your visitor management software and your office management tools.


Create a shared workflow by integrating VisiPoint and your key office tools. Our integrations:

  • reduce admin tasks for staff
  • minimise data entry and overlap
  • make the process streamlined for visitors

School Management Information Systems (MIS)

Schools and Multi Academy Trusts can integrate their MIS system with VisiPoint to reduce workload for the school office team.

Depending on your MIS system we offer read and write or read only integrations. If pupils are leaving for a medical appointment or signing into school late, the attendance codes and reasons can be synced to provide accurate and up-to-date student attendance logs in both VisiPoint and your MIS. 

We can integrate with:

Capita Sims Logo


Bromcom MIS logo


isams MIS logo


Arbor MIS logo


Engage MIS Logo


Advanced Facility MIS


RM Integris MIS Logo

RM Integris

Progresso MIS Logo


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Teacher Centre MIS logo

Teacher Centre

To learn more about the integration, or if you don't see your MIS system on this list click the chat button or contact us here to speak with our team. 

Access Control

With VisiPoint you can match our RFID reader to the same frequency as your existing access control cards and fobs. This means staff can use their existing card as a sign-in card for VisiPoint too.

 By matching their card with VisiPoint they can swipe this card against our devices to sign-in and out. Their card will continue to work as usual with your access doors.

Our reader supports cards or fobs of a 13.56MHz frequency. We can also swap out our standard reader and integrate a reader for the below access control systems:

Paxton Access Control Logo

Paxton Access Control

Mifare Access Control Logo

Mifare Access Control

If you don't see your access control system on the list, or you would like to find out more, click the chat button or contact us here to speak with our team.