March 21

5 Reasons You Need To Invest In a Visitor Management System (Infographic)

A professional welcome is key to the success of any business or school, and a fantastic way to greet guests is with a digital visitor management system.

It’s likely you have taken your communication, accounting and customer service to the cloud already, so why not embrace the future of visitor management? Check out our new infographic explaining why investing in a visitor management system is a great move for your business or school.

Sound interesting? Read on for more on why a visitor management system is a fantastic investment for your school or workplace.

Enhanced Visibility

Investing in a visitor management system provides unparalleled insights into your organisation. You can easily keep track of everyone coming into your workplace and monitor behaviour patterns with easy-to-access reports. The system’s intuitive dashboard provides an overview of everyone who is inside the premises or has left. It also keeps track of expected visitors so reception staff can feel in control and prepare for guest’s arrival.

Easy to Audit

Unlike manual records, digital visitor information is more reliable and searchable because is stored in the cloud. You can easily check through your records to confirm exactly what specific staff were doing at a particular time. Because of your visitor information is digital you can audit it with just a few clicks compared to the hours it could take to sort through physical records.

Saves Resources

The initial cost of investing in a visitor management system is offset by the savings your company will make over time. The system eliminates the need for recurring administration costs associated with buying visitor books and sign-in sheets. There are also significant time savings as reception staff will not have to deal with the process of managing every part of the visitor sign in process, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks.

Improved Security

Proper security is key to a successful business, and good visitor management is vital in securing your employees, data and assets. The VisiPoint visitor management system is compliant with GDPR legislation that ensures safe capturing and storage of data such as the right to be forgotten. Because the data is stored safely and securely in the cloud the risk of theft or data loss is also significantly reduced compared with physical records. This is particularly vital in sectors that deal with highly confidential information, such as healthcare.

Health and Safety Compliance

It’s important that you outline the potential hazards within your workplace to employees and visitors, so when you log into VisiPoint for the first time you will be told about the potential hazards in the workplace.

Being health and safety compliant goes a long way in preventing you from unforeseen liabilities as well as being in compliance with occupational safety regulations.


Having a visitor management system shouldn’t be a luxury but a competitive necessity. The system should lower your costs, strengthen relationships with customers and increase your productivity. We hope this helped you in deciding whether investing in a visitor management system is right for your organisation.


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