December 9

VisiPoint Wins “Great User Experience” and “Rising Star” Awards from FinancesOnline


VisiPoint has been certified as a 2018 Rising Star and Great User Experience in the visitor management software space by FinancesOnline, a reputable directory for business software

VisiPoint has been recognised by popular B2B and SaaS software review website FinancesOnline for its efficiency in helping businesses welcome visitors into their premises. After receiving highly positive customer feedback and passing FinancesOnline’s quality standards, VisiPoint was certified with the 2018 Rising Star and Great User Experience awards.

The Rising Star award is given to newcomers in the SaaS space, specifically the best visitor management software. This award also indicates that VisiPoint has quickly increased in popularity and garnered good customer traction. Garnering a 100% user satisfaction rating, VisiPoint is one of the top visitor management software alternatives for pleasing establishments that are looking to implement a safe and simple way to handle their visitor sign-in processes.

FinancesOnline discussed in their review how VisiPoint’s features simplify visitor reception management. They also discuss why we won their Great User Experience award, which is given to software solutions that are well-designed overall and provide users with a quality user experience.

According to their software experts, our platform’s visitor pre-register capability makes the reception process as hassle-free as possible for company admins. Being able to define accessible and restricted areas is another highlight for FinancesOnline, as it enables businesses to welcome guests professionally with minimal assistance. They also commended our group sign-in capability, as it frees admins from having to check-in and check-out guests individually.

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You can visit Finances Online to read their full thoughts about VisiPoint. We also encourage everyone to share your opinions about our visitor management software by leaving a user review on FinancesOnline.



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