Using the Dashboard and Grids

Table of Contents

Introduction to the dashboard

Once you log in to your VisiPoint Cloud account, you will be presented with the dashboard. The dashboard shows quick statistics at the top including the number of users signed in that day, and the grid, which shows your entry logs of checked-in users and denied users. This data is in real-time sync with your kiosks.

Grid settings and filters

In the left section above the Grid area, you will see the display button that will allow you to choose how many logs are presented per page, you can choose between 10 to 100 based on your preference.

Each grid will have a settings cog icon which when clicked on, you will see a pop-up called “View List settings” from which you will be able to control user info presented on your grid.

The grid has filter options which also include multi-select, so you can narrow your search or your filter right down to specific items on the grid.

You just need to click on the filter box and a drop-down menu will show a filtering option. For example, in User type and status section, you can filter between checked in (granted access) and Denied users of filter based on your user types. In some columns, you may just need to type in names to narrow the filtering options.

In the right section above the Grid area, you will have the option to control the Temperature unit displayed on the Grid. If have °F set as the temperature unit for your kiosk, you can leave that and or you can simply choose °C instead. It won’t change the kiosk settings for the temperature threshold. However, Temperature unit on the dashboard will be calculated and converted to °C for your dashboard and reports.

Export your logs

The export button allows you to export your data in Excel, CSV, or PDF format.

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