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Why Sign-In Systems Are Essential to Multi Academy Trusts


Discover why a sign-in system for a multi-academy trust is essential to improving safeguarding, security, productivity and much more!

When it comes to embracing digital visitor management and sign-in at a multi-academy trust, you want to make sure you’re investing in a system that will offer you tangible benefits that will enhance the experience of staff, pupils, visitors and everyone else who comes to the school. 

Read on to discover why a sign-in system for a multi-academy trust is crucial to creating a safe, welcoming environment for pupils, visitors, contractors, parents and more.

Manage multiple sites with ease

A key issue faced by multi-academy trusts is managing data across multiple sites and buildings. Multi-academy trusts deal with a significant amount of data each day as a result of a large number of people on site each day. This is compounded when a multi-academy trust encompasses several schools and multiple sites. Keeping track of all of the data generated by each site can be a nightmare if you don’t have the appropriate solutions and procedures in place.

That’s why it’s essential that you have an easy-to-access, comprehensive management dashboard as part of your visitor management solution to manage data across your multi-academy trust! Not only can you track and manage staff and visitor sign-in data, late student sign-ins, visitor appointments, contractor permissions and more, you can also centrally manage all of your data across your MAT from one central dashboard.

Visitor location tracking

Using our new check-in/out functionality, organisations can smartly monitor the movement of individuals within their premises.

Check-in/out does not affect the sign-in status of an individual and therefore the emergency list. It provides even more accurate information on the user’s whereabouts on real-time by keeping their last active location up-to-date on the dashboard. For example, you may want to track which floor or area staff are located in.

During emergency roll calls this can be especially useful as you can be more specific about an individual’s most recent movements as you try to locate them.

Visitor and contractor pre-registration

With the issue of safeguarding being hugely important for multi-academy trusts, the ability to see exactly who is expected on the premises at any particular time is crucial.

A sign-in solution for a multi-academy trust allows you to pre-register any visitors and contractors who may be expected on the premises in advance of their arrival. Not only does this allow visitors and contractors to sign in quickly and easily when they arrive, as their details have already been added to the system, it also allows you to ensure that only the correct people are signing in, and at the correct time.

Find your way around sites more quickly and efficiently

Navigating your way around sites with multiple, large buildings can be difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the premises. A great way to welcome new visitors to your site when they first arrive is to show them exactly where they need to go.

Wayfinding maps allow you to give visitors and contractors a warm welcome when they first arrive and ensures that they will know exactly where they’re supposed to go on site! 

Integrate seamlessly with your management information system

The vast majority of schools and academies have now embraced a management information system to keep track of and manage the wealth of information that schools deal with on a daily basis.

A particular issue faced by many schools is registering and keeping track of pupils signing in late, or leaving the premises early. Typically, in the case of a late student sign-in, a parent will sign their child into school late, which is recorded and manually entered into the school’s MIS. This is a laborious, time-consuming process, and there’s a much better solution available!

Using a digital visitor management solution such as VisiPoint, a parent can sign their child in our out using the system, and the activity will be automatically added to the school’s MIS.

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We hope this blog has informed you on why a sign-in system for a multi-academy trust is essential to improving the visitor, staff and pupil experience. If you would like to discuss the ways in which a visitor management and sign-in solution can transform the way you manage your multi-academy trust, we’d love to chat with you!

Get in touch with our expert team on +44 (0) 191 341 0016 for more information, pricing and to arrange a demonstration. Alternatively, you can head to our contact page for more information on getting in touch!


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