How to Use the Emergency List Feature

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At the top right of your dashboard, you’ll find the Emergency List.

Emergency List VisiPoint Dashboard

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Using the Emergency List for Evacuations and Roll-Calls


The Emergency list shows everybody who is currently signed in, giving you an up to date record of those who will need to be accounted for in the event of an emergency.

You can filter and sort the columns easily by clicking on the white arrows on each column, for example sort the list of names alphabetically or sort by status of found or not found. Plus, you’ve got the photo from user profiles on the left-hand side for quick identification. When carrying out a roll-call, you can check the tick box to mark each individual as ‘found’ to ensure everyone is accounted for.

The Emergency List can be accessed from any device with a browser, for example a phone or tablet, or you can choose to export or print the list from the right-hand side.

Hint. You can also access the emergency list from the VisiPoint device by tapping on your logo 8 times. Once you’ve done this a hidden menu will appear, from there you can select Emergency List and print it out through the badge printer. 


Emergency Sessions


You can use the list from multiple locations, so during a fire evacuation for example, several people can go through the list at the same time marking individuals as ‘found’ and the list will update in real-time to prevent any crossover. To use this function, hit the green ‘Start Session’ button above the list. Then you can carry on using the Emergency List as per usual.

Once you close that session it will be logged and you can access the roll-call history from that session at any time, by hitting the ‘Emergency Sessions’ options under Favourites on the left-hand navigation. Clicking on a session will give you the history from that session, including the list and the status of each individual on the close of that session.

VisiPoint Dashboard Emergency Sessions List

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