October 24

6 reasons to embrace visitor management

VisiPoint Visitor Management
Whether you are managing an office building, a school or a corporate campus, learning about and managing all visitors on-site is a pressing concern… and that is where a Visitor Management System comes in.

Gone are the days when a receptionist can handle the myriad of health and safety concerns – and more and more site managers are turning to innovative technological solutions.

A Visitor Management System can help you with every aspect of the visitor experience, from greeting to departure. Our front desk solution will help you to replace your tatty old guestbook with a useful, intuitive and modern system.

We think that every organisation needs to make the switch – here are six reasons why you need to embrace visitor management as soon as possible:

1. Data Protection – keep your visitors’ information private

As the manager of a school or corporate building, you have a responsibility to keep all data about who is visiting your site – and when – private and confidential. The traditional ‘sign-in/ sign-out’ sheet is vulnerable to theft, and presents an opportunity for a breach in data protection.

2. Health & Safety information can be communicated easily

When visitors enter your site, they should be issued important health and safety information. In a traditional reception scenario, this can be challenging to communicate easily. With a visitor management system you can swiftly and easily convey health and safety information to all who enter your premises. This is especially important when contractors enter your site; you can prove that they have been given all relevant information.

3. Fire registers keep your visitors safe in the event of an emergency

If an emergency, fire or terrorist attack occurs in your building, you will want to ensure that everyone is accounted for so that you can alert the police and/or firefighters about anyone who is missing. A Visitor Management System will allow you to quickly access this information and pass it on to the authorities.

4. Improve the security of your site

A Health and Safety System will help you to control visitors and keep a record of all contractors and workers who is on site. This can help to ensure a safe site for employees, students and visitors. From the Ofsted Evaluation Schedule for Schools (Aug 16 Update):- “Ofsted inspectors may take into account the extent to which the school takes reasonable steps to ensure that pupils are safe on the school site, for example by monitoring visitors or volunteers or those using the premises during school time.”

5. Creates an accurate audit trail

A Visitor Management System will provide you with a traceable, searchable database of everyone who has ever been on site. This can be vital in a criminal investigation or similar future issues – you can easily see who was on site and who was in charge on any day.

6. Improve your image as an institution

A Visitor Management System will instantly convey a sense of professionalism to all who enter your site, and communicates that you take Health and Safety issues very seriously. This helps to put visitors at ease and build your brand.


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