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With a VisiPoint sign-in system, you will:

  • Make a good first impression with guests
  • Get instant registers for emergency evacuations
  • Keep your data secure and compliant with GDPR
  • Get real-time insight of who is signed-in and out
  • Provide a safer environment for your visitors and staff
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Streamline the check-in process

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visitor management system
visitor management system

Management dashboard

The dashboard offers real-time reports of who is signed-in and out, and can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or PC. 

Evacuation management

From the dashboard you can access instant evacuation reports to use as roll-call in an emergency.

Photo ID badge

VisiPoint prints high-quality photo ID badges, showing visitor status, key information and access areas.


You can streamline with existing systems such as access control or management systems. 

I have had lots of great feedback from staff who love the way it works… I love that I can keep track of who is coming so I can plan my day better.

Rachel Donoso, Office Facilities Coordinator

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