self-service staff and building directory

Empower your visitors

Give your visitors a self-service platform to find the information they need themselves to reach their destination quickly and easily.

Visitors can search and locate a room or facility they are looking for or browse through the entire list in a few clicks. Key facility information can be included to give visitors more detail about their selected location, such as opening hours.

With the staff directory visitors can find and locate staff members - or you can restrict staff groups to allow only certain departments to be findable via the directory.

VisiPoint Interactive Wayfinding


The directory can be made available in a range of languages

Real-time updates

Update the content on your directory in real-time from the dashboard

Customisable design

Customise the directory template to reflect your brand identity

digital signage

Greet, inform and advertise

Couple your directory with digital signage, displayed in widgets or when the screen is in idle mode. 

Improve the visitor experience with a greeting or welcome message. Keep your visitors and staff better informed by running announcements, for example an upcoming event or change to opening hours during holiday periods. Generate revenue with your visitor and reception management system, by running advertisements when the directory is in idle mode. 

VisiPoint Interactive Wayfinding Map
interactive wayfinding

Guide visitors on their route

Reduce stress and negative user association as visitors can find their way quickly without seeking assistance from staff members, The directory can be paired with interactive wayfinding to provide visitors with real-time location and navigation information. 

  • Multi-site and multi-floor functionality
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor navigation
  • Manage and update maps from web dashboard
  • Accessible routes for disable users
  • Sharing to mobile device with simple URL sharing
events directory

Promote upcoming events

Increase event attendance and exposure by promoting your calendar of events through the directory. Visitors can browse the calendar and find out key information. You can also use the digital signage to display adverts for events when in idle mode which will then load event information if clicked by a visitor. 

VisiPoint Staff Directory
easy-to-use web dashboard

Update your directory in minutes

Facilities staff can update your directory from the easy-to-use interface. You have the freedom to make the changes you need at any time, updating your devices in real-time. 

  • Manage all sites from one central management dashboard
  • Change colours, add Points of Interest and more
  • Push updates in real-time
  • Group devices into areas and locations, deploying location-specific content and maps

A sign-in system your visitors and staff will love.