How to download the App and set up your Passport Account

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The VisiPoint Mobile App allows you to access your Passport Account on the go. You’ll be able to quickly access your personal QuickPass to sign in/out on any of our kiosks, as well as easily view your log to keep track of where you’ve scanned.

Download the App

Depending on your device, you must first go to either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Once there, enter “VisiPoint” in the search bar. You’ll then find the app and can then select to download it onto your mobile device.

If you are looking at this article on your mobile device you can click on the appropriate link below to take you to the app.

Set up Your Passport Account

Now that you have downloaded the mobile app you can set up your own personal passport account. This can be used across any VisiPoint device that you come across.

You will be first taken to this screen where you will click on the “Sign Up” link at the bottom.

Sign up to start using the VisiPoint App

Next, you’ll be prompted to fill out your information.

Add your personal details to sign up for a passport account
Add your personal details to create your Passport Account

Once you have completed this and tapped on the “Sign Up” button, you will then receive an email. This email will notify you that you have now created a Passport Account.

Email confirming you have created your passport account
The email notification that you will receive

Now that you have created a Passport Account, you can go back to the app by clicking on Go To Passport.

You will be taken to this screen to insert the temporary password from the email. You’ll then be able to create your new password.

Create your Passport Account password on the mobile app
Add your new password

Once you have done this you can now sign into your own Passport Account by using the Mobile App.

NOTE: You are also able to use these details to sign into your account on a PC or Laptop by visiting