Entry Screen

Table of Contents

The Entry Screen is the main scanning screen, where your users will start the check-in process. Your company logo can be displayed on this screen.

With facial recognition enabled for any flow in the journey, the screen will display the live camera feed with an outline as a guide for the person to be scanned to place their face along with audio instructions.

Best practices for scanning:

  • Stand within the frame
  • Stand 0.5-1 meters away from the kiosk
  • Avoid any light reflecting on the kiosk

Once all the checks are completed (as specified in the Journey Builder), an outcome message will appear on the screen to give a success or fail message. You can also set the wording for these messages in the Journey Builder.

On the entry screen, you can navigate to the Administration Screen by clicking the blue toolbar (at the top of the screen) and entering the device password (the default password is 123456).