Update VisiPoint Application on the Kiosk

Table of Contents

You can update the application to the latest version using a USB stick with the software file or use over-the-air (OTA) updates if your devices are connected to the internet.

Double-click or tap on the blue taskbar along the top of the screen and enter the password (the default is 123456) to access the Administration Screen. Then click on Update Application.

You will then see the options below.

To update the application using a USB stick, you need to insert a USB stick with the software file provided. Then click on Update from USB. To get the latest software file please contact your account manager or our support team on cs@lamasatech.com.

If the Kiosk is connected to the internet, you can select ‘Update from web’ to check for the latest update.

You will be presented with a pop-up message ‘Checking for updates’.

If the kiosk is already running the latest version, the below message will appear on screen. If not, the application will be updated to the latest available version.