Using the Hardware Status page

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Important note

The Hardware Status menu should only be used explicitly upon instruction from the customer support team, in order to avoid any conflict. It is made to run diagnoses and send reports in case of failure. If you are facing issues with your devices, please get in touch with our support team who will walk you through the diagnosis process.

Accessing the Hardware Status page

You can find the Hardware Status option under Settings on the Administration page.

The Administration page can be accessed from the Entry screen at any time by double-clicking or tapping on the blue taskbar along the top of the screen and entering the password (the default is 123456).

From here you can manage storage, and adjust the settings for WiFi, Email Server & LAN. You will be able to test the Printer, Facial Recognition, Temperature Sensor, QR Scanner, RFID Reader & Network Communication.

You can run a full test by pressing on Diagnostic Test at the bottom of the page.