Welcome & Signing Up

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Welcome to VisiPoint

You have now taken the first steps in ensuring the security of your building. VisiPoint is the perfect partner for any reception desk and will help you to better manage your staff and visitors. Below you will see how to set up your VisiPoint Management System.

Create Your Company Dashboard

To begin, go to the VisiPoint.me web address.

You will then see this screen.

Begin the process of creating your account

Click “Signup” at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the page seen below.

Create account page
Select to create your company dashboard

Here, you will select “Company Dashboard”.

You’ll then be prompted to fill in your own details.

Personal details page when creating an account
Add your personal details

Once you have completed this, click “Next”.

This is where you will begin to fill out the company details.

Company details page
Add your company details

You’ll need to:

  • Add your company name
  • Choose a server where your data will be stored – each server is compliant with the specific data laws
  • Add a subdomain – specific to your dashboard, most customers use their company name
  • Optional – Add a company telephone

Finally, you simply need to click “Register”.  This will bring you to your dashboard.

You will notice a pop-up and banner along the top. This is to inform you to contact our support team to help you gain full access to all of the dashboard features.

First time viewing a company dashboard
Contact us to access your full dashboard

Once you have done this, you’ll be able to make full use of your dashboard and use VisiPoint for all of your entry needs.