Generate Timesheets and Advanced Reports

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The Timesheet module allows you to generate advanced reports with automatic calculations of hours worked/hours on site. This can be created based on the criteria of the time period, site/area and user type.

How to generate a timesheet report

To generate timesheets, go to the Reporting dropdown in the left side menu and select the Timesheet option.

You will then be shown the page below where you will need to enter your desired criteria. This informs the system what information to gather when generating your timesheet.

Generate timesheet
Timesheet generator page

You first need to select your desired criteria from the options on the page.

  • Year: Choose a year from the previous 5 years
  • Month: Choose which month(s)
  • Site: Select from sites and areas
  • User Type: Select the user type(s)
Timesheet details
Filling in the timesheet details

Each field is mandatory and must be filled in. Once you have completed this, click the “Generate” button to have the system prepare the report.

You will then be presented with the screen below. The Timesheet page will show this screen until it has finished gathering your data.

Generating timesheet message
Timesheet being generated message

Once the timesheet is ready, you will be sent an email (example below) stating that it is ready to be viewed. You can access it by clicking on the “Go To Timesheet“ button in the email or by returning to the Timesheet page.

Timesheet generated email
Email notification that the timesheet has been generated

Using the timesheet report

The Timesheet grid will display all users who have “Signed out“ or “Auto signed out“ from the areas you have selected and their hours worked/time on site. This is calculated using what time they signed in and what time they signed out on your kiosks.

The duration a user is signed in for is calculated after they have signed out.

Generated timesheet
Example timesheet with data from your selected period

The following fields are shown on the report:

  • Full Name: The user’s full name. You can sort users by name or filter the report for that user by typing their name into the field at the top of this column.
  • Site: If a user signs into areas in 2 different sites, it will be represented as 2 records in the grid
  • User type: If a user has signed in as 2 different user types, it will be represented as 2 records in the grid
  • Day/Month/Year: Shows how long a user was signed in during that period
  • Expand each user using the arrow next to their name to view all the sites they entered during this period and expand each site to view the user type they entered as

The generated timesheet will remain on the Timesheet page until you create another one.

If you need to create a new timesheet with new criteria, click the “Re-generate“ button to replace the current version. You will be shown the initial page again allowing you to choose new criteria.

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