member management system

Streamline your member process management

Membership management streamlines the process by combining member processing and visitor management, increasing process efficiency and reducing staff hours required.

Pairing your VisiPoint system with membership management gives any organisation the ability to offer paid access or subscriptions to their premises, for example sports halls or meeting rooms.

VisiPoint's membership management offers a broad range of customisable options including multi-tiered membership models and complete control over communications with members and guests.

VisiPoint Membership Management

Drive revenue growth

Create memberships to your facilities to grow an additional revenue stream for your organisation

Increase process efficiency

Reduce admin work and manual member registration and set-up, relieving pressure on staff

Get real-time insight

Make data-driven decisions about your membership portfolio with the real-time reporting dashboard

member access

Quick and easy sign-in for members

Members can sign into your facilities quickly and easily with their membership card or fob. If they forget their entry card, all member details are stored in the system so they can simply start typing their name into the device to bring up their profile and sign in manually.

You can divide your premises up into discrete locations with memberships to match, for example you may have a gym membership and a gym and swimming pool combined membership. 

VisiPoint Membership Configuration
membership management

Configure membership levels

Create and edit your range of memberships, including individual and family memberships. Manage restrictions based on days, times and intervals such as peak and off-peak timings. Set billing schedule, choosing from monthly or annual billing. 

  • Single and family membership tiers
  • Membership restrictions such as peak times 
  • Add guest invitation allowance
COMMUNICATION and workflow automation

Automate communication with members

Manage your member contact details, demographic information and membership subscription from the web dashboard. Admins can also create parent/child accounts, update records and extend membership dates.

Create and customise email templates to automate communication with members based on workflow rules. For example, when a membership is coming close to expiry, members can be prompted with an email to renew membership fees. 

VisiPoint Membership Guest Registration
member marketing and guests

Drive membership growth

Grow revenue from your existing member base by marketing higher membership levels and additional access options.

Looking for a great way to increase your membership numbers? Allow your members to bring along guests. You can send pre-registration emails to guests so they can sign up for access before they arrive, improving their experience on arrival.

You can set limits on the number of times your guests can visit, as well as the areas they're allowed to access. 

  • Drive revenue growth from existing members
  • Convert guests into paying members
  • Customise your email templates
real-time reporting dashboard

Track the membership life cycle

Drill down into the data surrounding your memberships, members and guests to spot trends and grow your service offerings.

Quickly gather the stats you need on membership growth and retention rates. 

  • Manage sites from one central management dashboard
  • Comprehensive reporting in real-time
  • Dashboard accessible from any mobile device
  • Cloud data storage in compliance with GDPR
VisiPoint Membership Reports

Visitor and membership management. All-in-one.