Creating an Unmanned Reception Area for United Cast Bar

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United Cast Bar is a world-leading manufacturer of continuously cast iron bar. They approached VisiPoint with the goal of implementing an electronic unmanned reception area where visitors and staff would be able to check-in unassisted.






VisiPoint familyCombining our Enterprise plan with one of our 13” tablets and one of our secondary 10” tablets, we were able to provide United Cast Bar with a modern and simple sign-in solution, with hard-wearing tablets for their manufacturing environment.





United Cast Bar have had very positive comments from their visitors, who are signing in quickly without any prompt from staff.

Health & safety on-site is much improved as they can quickly access emergency lists and up-to-date reports of everyone signed in. The team at United Cast Bar have found the VisiPoint how-to guides useful and easy to follow.

Key results include;

  • Up-to-date emergency lists
  • Simple visitor sign-in
  • Stylish and durable hardware
  • Quick staff sign-in using door entry cards
  • Efficient, unmanned reception area



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