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5 Tips for Better Customer Service


The importance of having a relaxing clean and welcoming reception area cannot be overstated. For many of your visitors, the reception is their first glimpse of your organisations“behind the scenes” It’s the place that sets the tone and creates expectations of the quality of service you have to offer.

An efficient front-desk operation provides a favourable impression and makes visitors feel welcome. A well-thought out visitor management system makes the job of a receptionist stress and hassle-free helping them to communicate with the visitors in a polite and professional manner.

The following tips can help you ensure that you’re making the most of this customer service opportunity:

Continuous Staffing

Your front desk professional should be available at all times during business hours. No visitor would like to wait for a representative to show up or have to go in search of someone, especially when they’re in a hurry. This makes for a bad impression of your organisation’s level of customer service. Be sure to make available a visitor sign in book or an automated system for desk coverage during lunch and breaks. An automated system will attract and captivate your visitors from the moment they walk through your door.

Phone Service

In small organisations, the front desk person may also be responsible for handling incoming calls. In order to better tend to stakeholders on the phone implement a policy for how quickly the phone should be answered, such as within three rings or less. Try looking for a backup plan to avoid having the call go to voicemail. This can be done by installing an advanced phone system where calls bounce to another extension after three rings.

Visitor tracking system

Gone are the days when visitors like to write-down their personal details on a paper visitor book, which are usually available at reception. Today, visitors appreciate that organisations are moving to automation and use visitor tracking systems as they not only make their entry to your workplace smoother, but also keep a track of their information with separate visitor ID generated for each person who enters. With remote access and a web-based management dashboard, visitor tracking systems allow your organisation to easily capture and monitor vital visitor data.

The web-based dashboard gives the front-desk professional the ability to generate real-time reports for staff and visitors in just a few seconds. This saves an enormous amount of time and effort too!

VisiPoint is a visitor management and visitor tracking system that is designed to provide you with a better customer service. It comes as a Visitor Management Kiosk OR in a Visitor Management touch screen terminal. With its small footprint and lightweight fully integrated design, it provides a professional look to receptions and helps the business with their sign in process and safeguarding.

Make the wait comfortable

Create a friendly and peaceful atmosphere for the front-desk professional. Try using music for better results. Know your clientele and employees, and play the type of music they would consider. The right music will put visitors in good spirits for whatever they came to do. Relaxing music can also make waiting in a more confined space feel less awkward. Also, this allows your receptionist to work on other tasks without appearing to be dismissive. Remember to purchase a licence if you’ll be playing music in your reception area.

More knowledge to make communication better

Ultimately, your visitors rely on you to know about your organisation and services Keep staff well-informed about your goings-on to let them respond to most enquiries and how to handle more detailed or technical requests. A poorly educated representative can create problems for your organisation, by misinforming your stakeholders or providing low-quality information in return.

Remember the reception is a central element of your premises and every visitor is likely to make their first enquiry there. Make sure it gives off a positive and enjoyable vibe by keeping the reception professional-looking and by automating your office-entry process. Your organisation visitors and colleagues will all benefit from it!


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