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Security Risks at Reception and How To handle Them?


Educational institutes such as schools, colleges and universities are constant hives of activity of course due to the number of people visiting throughout the day ranging from hundreds to thousands of people.

With so many people visiting every day and a large amount of high-value property and belongings on site, it can be a challenge for the reception area to keep the premise secure. These educational facilities can be at a great risk from a whole variety of crimes ranging from petty theft to opportunistic students committing different crimes, to organised gangs attempting to gain access to the site. With proper school security systems and effective security measures in place the risk of these types of crime occurring can be reduced to provide a safer environment for everyone on the site.

Here are some common risks faced by educational institutions and the methods that can be taken to make them more secure.


Educational sites always highly attracted to the thieves. The opportunistic criminals can not only find ways to blend in with the students, but also try to gain access to the site in order to escape with high-value equipment such as computers, laptops, projectors, cameras, and other expensive electrical goods.

There is also the risk of identity theft and theft of data to consider, which can be achieved through documents by gaining unauthorized access to computer networks or through email phishing scams.


Another worrying form of criminal activities in educational facilities is assault. It can be any type of assault such as grievous bodily harm, sexual offence or anything else. Assault can occur in a number of different ways and can be penetrated by staff, visitors, or other people from outside of the site. According to researchers thousands of sexual assault incidents take place in schools around the world.

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Reception Security

Reception areas at educational facilities often serve a dual purpose. Not only do they act as a greet area but also play a role as the first line of defence against criminal activities. Installing school visitor check-in system such as VisiPoint is a great way to keep the mischievous elements away from the site. These gadgets allow the reception security professional to easily spot by the absence of a visitor pass and it can reassure staff and students.

CCTV Monitoring

These type of highly security equipment has been widely used by workplaces, museums, airports, and shopping centres. The CCTV cameras are a powerful form of security as they can easily project a negative image of the institution to the public. They record every activity that is occurring inside and around the site. The footage can be live streamed and monitored by almost anyone.

Cyber Security

In today’s age, cyber security is the most important feature of any educational site as all the important data is saved in computers, allowing students and staff to conduct research and communicate. However, IT brings with it its own security risks. Gadgets like School visitor check in system, anti-hack software or any other cyber security equipment can help education sites stay away from the cyber attacks and keep the important information secure.


Security at education sites has to be managed carefully and a balance must be found between maintaining a pleasure and safe environment and providing a safe place to educate. This can be achieved by highlighting areas of weakness in a site’s security system and identifying the best school security systems to provide a safer atmosphere for each student, staff and other professionals at the site.


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