September 28

Digital Visitor Management & The Mistakes Organisations Keep On Making

Digital visitor management is a hot topic sector-wide today. Digital visitor management takes the traditional sign-in process, which is paper-based through visitor sign-in books and log sheets, and makes this process completely electronic. Essentially this means replacing your book with a touch screen device. This device runs an application which captures all user information and stores it securely in the cloud.

Visitor management is an integral part of any business, allowing you to keep a record of everyone entering and leaving your building . Digital systems often combine a variety of functions including staff sign-in. Therefore, you’re investing in a well-rounded sign-in solution. This has a number of benefits including a safer working environment and increased process efficiency, not to mention the professional and modern image this conveys at reception in comparison with the outdated paper system.

As digital visitor management is being adopted at an accelerated rate, we delve into the mistakes organisations keep on making so you know what practices to avoid:

Too small for a VMS

Before organisations really understand the full functionality of a visitor management system and the investment required, it is often assumed that the system is too expensive. Or that as a small company or school they won’t really feel the full benefit of a digital system. Wrong! At VisiPoint, in education, we work with local primary schools all the way up to international universities. In the private sector we work with SMEs to multi-nationals. The system can knit together many processes including building access control, staff sign-in, contractor management and much more. So organisations big and small see the effect on process efficiency. On average VisiPoint users see ROI within 12 months, making it a sound investment. Find out more.

A paper record serves the purpose

Many may be under the impression that a paper system does the job just fine. But take a closer look and you’ll see there are many glaring issues with a traditional visitor management system. Can you say confidently that all personal information is stored safely and securely? It’s pertinent at the moment with the upcoming new GDPR in May 2018. If you don’t comply with new GDPR, you could face a pretty hefty fine. With a digital system, personal data is stored securely in the cloud. Can you easily access a report of everyone that’s entered the building in the last week? Probably not – unless you count scouring through a log book. With VisiPoint, users profit from the management dashboard provides instant, real-time reporting.

Unclear digital visitor management

I can’t be the first person to have walked into a building and not had a clue where to go or who to speak to. A digital system significantly improves user experience as the sign-in process is quick and easy to follow. Yet, it’s got to be placed in a strategic position at reception to do it’s job properly. If you have a large reception space, digital signage can be integrated with the system to direct users to sign-in.

Failing to secure each entrance

We’ve encountered a number of businesses with a sign-in system in place at the main entrance. However if visitors enter or exit from another door, no data is captured. This defies the value gained from the system as the reporting is likely to be inaccurate. With VisiPoint, multiple entrances can be secured with the use of a central touchscreen device at main reception, coupled with smaller devices at each other entrance. This is a low-cost solution to improve security across the building.

Allowing frequent visitors to ignore the rules

Whoever is visiting, whether a partner, interviewee, family of a team member, everyone should be documented with a digital visitor management system of some kind. It happens a lot where a visitor is known well to the business or is at the premises frequently. All processes are dropped and they enter/exit as they please without any documentation. This can be harmless in most situations, however it only takes once incident or emergency to highlight the danger this poses.

If you are looking to implement a digital visitor management system, get in touch today to request a demonstration of VisiPoint.


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