Wonga Saves Hours in Resources with a Sign-In System

Case Studies

Case Study: Wonga Saves Hours in Resources with VisiPoint


The Client

Wonga is a financial service company specialising in loans. Their head office, located in London, has a large number of staff. Their office also receives a significant number of visitors on a daily basis.

I have had lots of great feedback from staff who love the way it works… I love that I can keep track of who is coming so I can plan my day better.

- Rachel Donoso, Office Facilities Coordinator

The Brief

We were asked to create an alternative to Wonga’s existing visitor registration system. Their current system involved the building’s only administrator, Rachel, receiving phone calls from staff to book in visitors, which would then be recorded in a paper visitor book.



One of our major challenges was that Wonga not only has a large number of staff members, they often receive over 100 visitors per day. There was no efficient way to keep track of them all, however. We had to create a solution that could cope with and streamline this process.

Due to the company handling sensitive financial information, Wonga has strict rules in place to protect their data. Our solution had to adhere to Wonga’s policies around keeping their data safe and secure.


We created a solution that allows staff to pre-register guests, which automatically populates the admin dashboard. This saves time that would have been spent taking phone calls and filling in the visitor book.

Our solution complied with Wonga’s security requirements by storing all visitor data securely in the cloud.

Altough Wonga chose not to enable this feature at the time, our solution can also let staff sign in and out of the building.

I also love that I can keep a track of who is coming so can plan my day better and in terms of security & emergencies I can log in remotely to make sure all visitors are out of the building.

- Rachel Donoso, Office Facilities Coordinator


The immediate return on investment was the huge amount of time saved on administration processes as there was no need to deal with individual visitor requests.

Rachel was also able to expand her responsibilities within the company because of the time she saved on visitor management.

Wonga can also expect to see a long-term return on their investment as they no longer have the recurring cost of paper visitor books.