July 11

Sign In From Anywhere: VisiPoint’s Powerful Mobile Sign-In Solution


We are excited to announce that our latest update allows employees to easily sign in and out from their mobile phones, whether they are working on-site or remotely.

With site geofencing, the VisiPoint Passport app will automatically detect if a user has entered a site and they will receive a pop-up on their device asking them to sign in.

With mobile and remote sign-in you’ll be able to:

  • Make the process of signing in easier and quicker for employees
  • Accurately track the working hours of users both on and off-site
  • Increase timesheet accuracy
  • Improve safety

You can start using mobile sign-in today if you are a current customer with a Pro or Enterprise license. Visit this how-to guide to set up these features in your dashboard.

If you’re subscribed to the Lite plan, please contact us to upgrade. Or if you’re new to VisiPoint, please get in touch with our team for pricing.

Create an easier sign-in process for on-site workers

Time is money; therefore, we want to make as many of our processes as efficient and seamless as possible for users.

For staff working on sites that require employees to sign in each day, it can sometimes be a hassle for users to clock in via a kiosk as they may not be available at all exits or there may be queues.

Our new mobile sign-in feature is designed to remove this inconvenience, offer more flexibility, and reduce crowding by allowing users to sign in from anywhere on-site using their own devices.

The VisiPoint Passport app will automatically detect when a user has entered a site, based on the geofencing parameters set up by admins. The user will receive a pop-up which asks them to sign in on their mobile, which is more convenient and quicker for the employee.

If you don’t have the VisiPoint Passport app yet, make sure to download it from your device’s app store below to get started with remote sign-in.

You can learn how to set this up in your VisiPoint dashboard in this how-to article

Sign in from any location with remote sign-in

Remote sign-in is designed to support companies with their remote working policies.

When employees are working away from the office e.g. working from home or working at a location where there is no office/company building to sign into, they can sign into a remote area from their smartphone.

This helps you to record hours worked with the same accuracy as when staff are on site.

GPS location can also be tracked if you wish, assuring you that your staff are where they should be.

Learn how to set up remote sign-in with this guide.

Increase the accuracy of your timesheets for on-site and remote staff

As an employer, ensuring staff accurately log their hours worked can be crucial for many reasons.

Allowing users to sign in both on-site and off-site on one system, allows a much more accurate picture of hours worked. Accurate timekeeping eliminates any dispute over hours, making the payroll process smoother.

Additionally, tracking time spent at client sites can assist in accurate billing and project management.

By implementing a sign-in system that can reliably track hours worked both on and off-site, you can streamline payroll processes, maintain productivity, and create a sense of accountability among your staff.

Want to increase your timesheet report accuracy? Download the app from your app store today!

 timesheets reports visipoint

Improve safeguarding for remote workers

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, keeping track of your staff’s whereabouts can be tricky now that it is more common for staff to work remotely or on the go.

Having visibility into where your staff are located can offer numerous benefits but one of the primary advantages is safety.

The GPS location of employees can be logged when they sign in/out remotely, giving employers visibility over their location details.

If an incident occurs, pinpointing the affected staff’s location allows you to respond promptly and offer assistance.

By knowing where your staff are, you can make informed decisions, optimise operations and create a safer work environment.

Download the VisiPoint Passport app from your device’s app store below.

Improve safeguarding for remote workers

Optimise productivity and time management

Understanding where your employees are, can help optimise productivity and time management.

When users sign in you will be able to see who is available and where they are located, you can then assign tasks more efficiently, reducing delays and increasing output.

Ready to improve your workforce productivity? Download the VisiPoint Passport app today.

visipoint dashboard Optimise productivity and time management

What do you want to see next?

We are continually developing VisiPoint to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

If you have requests or suggestions, please submit your ideas here.

Need help getting started with mobile sign-in?

Our online help centre contains a full how-to guide.

If you have any questions you can contact our support team via the live chat from your VisiPoint dashboard or drop an email to cs@lamasatech.com.


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