March 17

3 Quick Cleaning Tips for VisiPoint Sign-In Systems and Touch Screens


Caring for your VisiPoint sign-in system involves keeping the device touch screen clean and free of any dust or fingerprints to maintain optimum user experience. We explore the top tips for keeping your devices clean.


PCAP Touch Screens  [/thrive_highlight]  VisiPoint uses PCAP touch screen technology, with sensors behind the glass – just like your smartphone or domestic tablet. Therefore the screens can be cleaned easily and on a regular basis. It’s good practice to clean your screens daily.


Here’s our 3 top tips:

1. Use a gentle cleaning product

The screens and metal surround should be cleaned with a standard glass cleaner with antibacterial properties. Do not use an abrasive or harsh cleaner as this could cause damage to your sign-in system and touch screen devices. For example, you could use standard touch screen cleaning wipes.

VisiPoint Tablet Screen

2. Buff the touch screen

If any residue is left on the screen from the cleaning product, use a soft microfibre cloth to buff the screen and ensure a clear image with no marks or fingerprints.

3. Promote good handwashing practice

Promoting good handwashing practice is the best way to keep your devices clean, limit the spread of bacteria/viruses, and avoid your touch screens becoming marked and dirty.  This means encouraging individuals to keep their hands clean by washing hands with soap and water. An antibacterial hand gel is also helpful for users to keep their hands clean when on the move. We’d recommend having an antibacterial gel dispenser in your reception area and in any high traffic areas.


It’s good practice to do a daily clean of your VisiPoint sign-in devices and any other PCAP touch screens you have in public spaces or high traffic areas.


If you have any questions please get in touch on +44 (0)191 341 0016 or via the green live chat bubble within your dashboard.



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