March 10

Why You Need to Move on From a Visitor Guest Book

Why a visitor guest book makes a bad impression, stores your data, creates inefficiency and more.

The need to move on from a visitor guest book has never been more apparent. Organisations across a multitude of sectors are embracing the fact that they need to move to a digital, automated solution and ditch the visitor guest book.

Read on to discover why you NEED to move on from your visitor guest book and adopt a more secure, streamlined solution.

Managing data is a chore

Let’s picture a scene:

You’re a receptionist in the middle of an emergency evacuation and you’ve got dozens of people filing out of the building at once. You need to be able to quickly grab a list of all of those people.

This might not seem like a problem on the face of it, but you work for at a large school that has separate sign-in books for pupils, staff members, visitors, and contractors? It’s going to be almost impossible to mark off everyone as found from all of those lists in a timely and efficient way.

So, what’s the solution to this?┬á

A great way to solve this problem is to have a real-time, searchable list of everyone signed into the premises that can be accessed from any device with a browser that allows you to mark people as found during the emergency evacuation procedure.

VisiPoint allows you to access extensive emergency lists that you can mark off in real time. You can access these lists from a phone, tablet or computer, and you can also print the list! This means you can access the list whichever way works for you and ensure everyone is safe and accounted for as soon as possible.

They make a bad first impression

Let’s continue that scene a little bit further:

Imagine you’ve got an important person coming for a visit to your school. Naturally, you want to make a great first impression on them, but that’s tough to do when you have visitor guest book pages strewn across your front office desk.

Now picture your front desk free of all of that mess, with an attractive, user-friendly sign-in system attached to it that makes a great first impression on your visitors.

Data is stored insecurely

Visitor guest books were designed for a time where minimum security measures were considered adequate. Expectations for data security have grown significantly since then, and it’s vital that your organisation takes steps to meet them.

Visitor guest books easily lost and stolen, so you can never guarantee the safety of the data stored within them. A fantastic solution to this is to invest in a visitor management and sign-in system that prioritises data security and utilises intelligent, GDPR-compliant cloud data storage methods.

They’re inefficient

A huge issue for organisations that process large quantities of visitor data is trying to retroactively edit and remove it. Imagine that you’re a receptionist of a large business centre who deals with hundreds of visitors every week. What would you do if a┬áprevious visitor wanted their┬ádata to┬ábe amended that was recorded many months ago?

Another common problem for organisations is when it comes to carrying out emergency evacuations of the premises. Imagine trying to carry out an emergency evacuation with a paper visitor book. Working your way through a physical emergency list wastes time unnecessarily in a circumstance that requires fast, efficient action.

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So, you know that you need to ditch the visitor guest book. What’s the next step? A great idea would be to invest in a secure, efficient sign-in system that makes a great impression on visitors, staff, contractors, students and more!

If you would like to know more about VisiPoint, its features, and what it can do to make your organisation safer, more productive and your data more secure, get in touch with a member of the VisiPoint team for a no-pressure consultation.


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