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Automate Repetitive Office Tasks with a Visitor Management System


Boost your productivity and efficiency by automating repetitive office tasks with a visitor management system.

In today’s technology-driven world there are some excellent solutions available to help companies automate repetitive office tasks. It’s always worth taking a look at the different areas in which automation can help improve accuracy, free up staff time for more important work and boost productivity.

With a digital visitor management system you can replace time-consuming manual sign-in and sign-out processes with electronic systems, saving you both time and money while also showing your guests that you are a forward-thinking, up-to-date organisation. Here are some ways how a digital visitor management system could help your business.

Automate repetitive office tasks with streamlined visitor sign-in

Replacing visitor sign-in sheets or a sign-in book is one of the key ways in which a digital visitor management system can make the office environment more efficient. Pieces of paper with names written illegibly should now really be a thing of the past. Not only do your guests expect a more streamlined, modern approach to signing in visitors, but electronic systems allow for more accurate record-keeping and better security.

Automate the inputting of visitor details

Visitor management systems allow information to be directly inputted into the system. They also allow more information to be input in a shorter space of time and you can capture the data you want using mandatory or optional fields. Images can be taken of the caller and stored in the system along with scanned identification documents, digital signatures and other relevant details. The system reduces the need for queueing at reception which can be frustrating for visitors and gives a poor impression of the organisation. A bonus for callers is that the system is secure and private, so their details aren’t on display for everyone to see.

Compile emergency evacuation lists

Visitor management systems can quickly compile evacuation lists in the event of an emergency. This information is vital when it comes to the safety and security of your staff and guests. Electronic systems allow information as to who is in your premises to be available in a clearer format than manual, handwritten lists. There’s no need to bring the iPad with you as visitor management systems can be quickly and securely accessed from any internet-enabled device.

Automate sending notifications

Rather than spending staff time trying to call or email guest contacts, visitor management systems can send instant notifications to the person the visitor has come to see. This means that reception staff are more available to help with other queries and can focus on making guests feel welcomed.

Print visitor badges

Printing visitor badges can be a time-consuming task for receptionists but it is simple and straightforward for a visitor management system to print them with unique identifying codes so that visitor access can be controlled and logged.

Automate repetitive office tasks with electronic visit logs

Visitor management systems reliably log the time, date and other details of each visit to your premises. As soon as details are input they exist in the system, in contrast to a manual system where visitor details need to be transferred from a paper sheet onto a spreadsheet or database. This repetition of tasks is both unnecessary, inefficient and more prone to error than a single input of data. It wastes staff time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

Search data quickly and easily

After the visitor has left the premises there is a digital record of their visit which is fully searchable. You can search for specific visitors and pull up their information or run reports on the type of visitors to your organisation using various parameters.

Automate repetitive office tasks and make the switch

Making the switch to a paperless system helps business to keep their data safe and secure. It frees up physical space and simplifies filing, and it is simpler to keep track of documents, in contrast to paper systems where a document can easily go missing. It has key economic benefits – in 2014 research firm Gartner put the price of filing, storing and retrieving paper for US businesses at $25 billion to $35 billion.

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Digital visitor management systems are straightforward to implement and easy for staff to learn to use. If you want your organisation to automate repetitive office tasks and make the change to a VisiPoint visitor management system then Contact one of our expert team for a consultation today.


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