March 19

Why Organisations Should Use Cloud in the Workplace


Running an organisation whilst ensuring both the security and easy accessibility of your data can be a hectic task. Organisations today have to keep a stringent record of all data and it’s usage including expenses, visitor information, job applications and more. Keeping this information in paper format makes it difficult to search for the right information, and security isn’t guaranteed. Staff often keep their files on personal drives to make it easy to access, but this poses a risk of data being lost due to drive failure. Cloud computing negates these issues, increasing the security of the data and making it easy for the workforce to access files on the go.

Cloud technology enables organisations to set up essentially a virtual office. This gives staff the flexibility of connecting with your business anywhere, any time. It protects all your important information in the form of virtual files, enabling you to get rid of paper and other physical files that may be eating up your office space. Using this technology, everything is going to be just a click away. Whenever you need employee attendance records, list of expenses and more everything is available right away, regardless of your location.

Here we explore 4 reasons why organisations should continue to adopt cloud in the workplace:

Reduced IT Costs

One of the biggest benefits that anyone would feel when using the cloud computing is the reduced cost of IT systems. Rather than purchasing expensive equipment and systems for your institution, you can reduce the cost by using the available resources by your cloud computing service provider.
You can successfully reduce your operating cost because:
· Your contract may include the cost of system upgrades, new hardware and software.
· You don’t need to hire staff to handle the records.
· your energy consumption costs may be reduced.

Access to automatic updates

When using the cloud computing, another big benefit that you’re going to come across is the real-time access to automatic updates. Depending upon your service provider, you will regularly get updates regarding the latest technology. The updates could be related to the latest version or some security patches that you may use to keep the data secure, as well as upgrades to servers and computer processing power.

Reduced unwanted expenses

While the cloud computing is going to help you keep the important data secure and enjoy real-time access to your virtual files, this technology also helps you reduce the need of hiring in-house professionals to handle the papers and files in your workplace. Some other advanced technologies like school security system, school visitor check-in system and many others are some great way to save more on the expenses of hiring a professional. Visipoint offers a great solution to keep record of all your visitors while enabling them to enter the premise without any hassles of dealing with the visitor register. It’s an automated visitor tracking system, helping your business to save more while ensuring the utmost safety of your staff, students and visitors as well.

Flexibility of work practices

When using the cloud computing, the flexibility of staff in their work practices is another great benefit that you’re going to enjoy. For example, you have the ability to access the data from virtually anywhere like from home, travelling, workplace or even when you are on holidays. Whenever you need access to your data, you can connect to your virtual office easily. When using cloud computing, the sky is the limit as you’re going to have access to your important documents from virtually anywhere in the world.


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