How to Add Expected Visitors Using the App

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You may have people visit your site, such as contractors doing work or individuals attending interviews. No matter who it is you will want to book them in quickly. Using the app, you can create these visits easily from your mobile device.

Viewing Your Expected Visitors

Once you have opened the app, you will see the “Companies” tab at the bottom of the screen.

VisiPoint app home screen with the companies tab highlighted
VisPoint app home screen

Tapping this will bring you to the screen below.

The Companies page in the VisiPoint app
Your Companies page

Here, you will tap “Expected Visits” to begin adding visits for anyone who will be coming to your facilities.

You may already have some visits booked in either by yourself or another person. Here you can see all the information of each specific visitor.

See the your companies list of expected visitors on the mobile app
Your list of expected visits

Adding a New Visit

To add a new visit, tap the “New Visit” button at the bottom of the page.

You will then be prompted to fill in the details of this visit, such as which Site and Area the visitor will be arriving at. 

Creating an expected visit on the mobile app
Create your new expected visit

You will then need to input the date and time the visitor will arrive.

Selecting the date and time for an expected visit on the mobile app
Select the date and time of the visit

Next, you’ll need to select a user type for this specific visitor. This will determine what their entry process will be as you may have certain compliance checks set up for specific user types.

To learn more about compliance checks, view this help article.

Selecting a user type for an expected visitor on the mobile app
Choose the user type of your expected visitor

Once you have filled in these details, tap “Next”. You will then need to add the personal details of the visitor.

Begin typing in their name and if they have visited before their details will appear for you to select. If this is their first time visiting your facilities the appropriate boxes will appear for you to fill in the rest of their details.

Add an expected visitors personal details on the mobile app
Add the visitor’s details

If you are able to type in their email address, an email will be sent allowing them to download the app if they wish. This will make it easier for them to complete any compliance checks and allow them to sign in much quicker. 

Once, you have completed all the details you can tap “New Visitor” to add more visitors.

Add more visitors on the mobile app
Add additional visitors

You can use this option to book in a group that is expected at the same date and time.

Once you are finished, tap “Add Visit” and then “Confirm” on the notification that appears. You will then see the visit booked for the specified date and time in your Expected Visits list.

Visit added to your expected visits list on the mobile app
Expected visits list