Generating Emergency Lists on your Kiosk

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In the event of an emergency, you can print an emergency list directly from your kiosk. This is a list of everyone currently signed into your facilities so that you can perform a roll call and ensure that everyone is located safely.

The kiosk prints the emergency list via the ID badge printer, therefore you must have a compatible badge printer connected to use this function.

To do this you’ll need to navigate to the Administration screen on your kiosk.

You can do this by double-clicking or tapping on the blue bar at the top of the screen a few times and entering your kiosk password.

Kiosk administration screen
Kiosk administration screen – click to enlarge

Print emergency lists from your kiosk

On this page, you will see a red “Print Emergency List” button.

Once you click this button, you’ll see a pop-up on the screen which shows the printing process has started. The kiosk will process this as quickly as possible and your list will be printed from the connected badge printer.

Emergency list printing
Emergency list printing in progress – click to enlarge

The printed list will feature the name of each person currently signed into the area to which this kiosk is assigned. You’ll also see the contact number for each user (if provided) as well as the date and time they signed in.

Printed emergency list
Sample emergency list

When an emergency session is activated, your kiosks designated to the affected areas will display the emergency screen below. This alerts users that there is an emergency situation and prevents anyone from signing in or out.

Emergency alert on kiosk
Emergency alert on the kiosk screen – click to enlarge

Hide the emergency alert on the kiosk

A new button will have appeared at the bottom of the Administration screen, enabling you to hide the emergency alert if needed.

Hide emergency option on admin screen
Hide the emergency screen button on the administration page – click to enlarge

Clicking the “Hide Emergency Screen” button will stop this alert from being displayed on your kiosk. This is irreversible and the emergency screen will not reappear until another emergency is detected.

When pressing this button you will receive the confirmation notification seen below.

Hide emergency screen confirmation
Hide emergency screen confirmation message – click to enlarge