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The printer connects to the VisiPoint tablet via USB. The printer requires no additional set-up once installed.

Diagnosing Errors

If you experience any errors with the printer, first check that the small printer icon on the top right-hand side of the main VisiPoint unit is green. If this is red it signifies there is an error.

This could mean one of three possible errors.

On the printer, check that the green power light is on. If not, check the power has not been unplugged or switched off.

USB connection
Check that the USB cable has not been removed or come loose.

Print roll
You should check here that the printer has not run out of paper, and the roll guard is securely in place. If there is an issue, a small red light should show next to the green power light. If this light is flashing

To diagnose the issue:

  1. Turn off the printer using the switch at the front. Keep it turned on at the wall socket.
  2. Open the lid by pressing on the latch on the right-hand side of the printer.
  3. Check the paper guide (a thin black piece of plastic) is in the right position. It must be slotted into the hole on the left-hand side.
  4. Remove the current paper roll to check the paper level. If this is very low it will be time to change your print roll.
  5. To replace the roll, insert the new roll with the loose end of the roll feeding from the bottom towards the front of the printer.
  6. Check the paper roll fits in the left-hand side cavity of the printer. Pull some paper out from the roll and over the front lip.
  7. Keep 1-2 inches of paper feeding through the front of the printer.
  8. Before closing the lid fully, turn the printer on using the switch at the front. The red error light should show.
  9. Firmly close the lid and ensure it clicks into place. The error light should go off.
  10. The printer will automatically feed and cut off a small section of blank roll to indicate that the print is functioning.

Replacement Print Rolls

We strongly advise that you use VisiPoint print rolls with the printer. This is because of the high grade of thermal paper required for barcode recognition. If you choose not to purchase the print rolls from VisiPoint, we cannot guarantee the quality of the print. To order new print rolls, please get in touch with sales at +44 (0) 191 341 0016.

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