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Data Protection and How VisiPoint Complies with GDPR

Data Protection and Compliance We take data protection seriously. We are fully compliant with the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All of our customer data is encrypted, and stored within an EU Data Centre or locally in encrypted form on the VisiPoint device. VisiPoint kiosks are built with customised hardware and are far more […]

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Using the VisiPoint Barcode Reader

The barcode reader can be used by any visitor to sign in and out, using the QR code in the bottom right-hand corner of their paper badge. The reader is always on, and you can test whether it’s active by running a hand under the unit – under the area marked ‘Scan Badge Here’. You […]

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Using RFID Integration for Access Cards

To set up an RFID card, an administrator will first need to follow these steps to give staff permission, and generate a pin code. The staff member can then use this pin on the terminal to integrate with VisiPoint. How staff use their pin on the VisiPoint terminal Once a staff member has their pin […]

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Printer and Rolls: Tips & Troubleshooting

The printer connects to the VisiPoint tablet via USB or comes in-built with the kiosk units. The printer requires no additional set up once installed. Diagnosing Errors If you experience any errors with the printer, firstly check that the small printer icon on the top right-hand side of the main VisiPoint unit is green. If […]

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VisiPoint Device Troubleshooting

The Visipoint terminal is a self-contained, bespoke manufactured Android touch screen device. For security purposes the device defaults to the Visipoint App as it’s main system App, so upon start up and after a reset you will usually only ever see Visipoint running on the device. However, there are also occasions where you may need […]

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