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The Visipoint terminal is a self-contained, bespoke manufactured Android touchscreen device. For security purposes, the device defaults to the VisiPoint App as its main system App. Upon start-up and after a reset you will usually only ever see Visipoint running on the device.

However, there are also occasions where you may need to access the core functionality of the hardware, to change which Wi-Fi network it is connected to or for troubleshooting purposes.

The Visipoint Kiosk has two USB ports on the bottom of its frame. If you connect a USB mouse and right-click twice, you’ll be taken back to the custom-developed Android back end, where you can access settings, check the version number of the Visipoint App, clear all data and reset the hardware.

Need some extra support? Call support on + 44 (0) 191 341 0016.

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