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4 Easy Steps to Setting Up Your New Office


Ensure setting up your new office goes without a hitch.

So, you’re moving to a new office space. That’s great! You’ve evaluated all of your options and picked the office that best reflects your business. Now the hard work begins. With everything you need to consider, as well as everything that has the potential to go wrong, setting up a new office space can be a daunting task, especially for a new business. So, we’re here to help!

Read on for VisiPoint’s top tips to ensure setting up your new office is seamless and stress-free.

Plan, and plan some more

Before you move a single item into your new office space, it’s a great idea to thoroughly plan the logistics of the move.

Create a floor plan: before any of that shiny new IKEA furniture arrives on site, you should come up with a plan on where it should all go. Of course, you don’t have to stick rigidly to the plan, but knowing the placement off furniture and fixtures is before you arrive in your new space is essential to ensuring you get set up in a timely fashion.

Establish contingencies: we really hope nothing goes wrong with your office move, but what if the worst does occur? It’s a great idea to plan ahead for anything that has the potential to go wrong. As this article from The Telegraph points out “be ready to switch to mobile phones and laptops if need be, or for employees to work from home, and know the number of a local hire firm which can provide portable heaters, fans and lighting at short notice, in case absolutely nothing works.”

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Looking for more advice on how to a have a seamless office move? Check out our blog post on 7 critical tips for a smooth office relocation!

Communication is key

So, your plan (and contingencies) have been decided by management, now it’s time to communicate your plan to everyone else.

It’s essential that the plan setting up your new office is communicated to each and every staff member involved in the process. Not only does this ensure that everyone feels like a necessary part of the setup process, it also hugely reduces the risk of confusion and ambiguity arising when the setup process begins.

Appoint a project manager

A great way to ensure that everything is communicated effectively among your team is to appoint a project manager to oversee the process of setting up your new office.

This person should be in charge of the overall process of delegating tasks and making decisions during setup. The project manager should oversee every process involved with setting up your new office, from picking furniture, setting up network to having keys cut.

Make security a priority

Access control: what better way to secure your new office space than investing in technology to control access to the premises. With access control technology such as Paxton or MiFare you can assign cards of key fobs to those you want to have access to the premises, limiting external individual’s access.

CCTV: installing cameras as part of the process of setting up your new office space is a fantastic way to increase your visibility over the premises. CCTV cameras also make staff members feel more secure, as they are assured the premises is monitored against any unwanted visitors.

Visitor management: speaking of increased visibility, a visitor management system is a fantastic way to improve your level of oversight over the entire premises. With extensive reporting on every person who has signed in and out of the premises, as well as the time they signed in and the nature of their visit, you can ensure that only the correct people are gaining access to the premises.

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So, you’re finished setting up your new office space. We hope it went as seamlessly as possible and that our advice helped you out!

If you’re looking to make your new office space more secure for staff, visitors and contractors while simultaneously boosting productivity and efficiency, VisiPoint visitor management is ideal. Get in touch with a member of our expert team on +44 (0) 191 341 0016 or using the form below for more information on the system and to book a demo.


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