April 19

5 Essential Visitor Management System Features you Need to Look For

Finding the perfect visitor management system can be problematic. With hundreds of variations of functionality, style and price, it can be impossible finding the right system.

As such, we’ve put together this short buyer’s guide. Here are 5 essential visitor management system features you need to look out for:


The first question you’ll probably have as a potential buyer is “how expensive is it?” Well, the answer may surprise you!

A visitor management system is an investment and one that offers a huge return on investment. If you’ve been relying on paper visitor books you’ll know that it’s costly to constantly replace them. This is why a visitor management system is a great investment. After the initial outlay, you can expect to see a full return on investment with savings on recurring costs.

You can find our pricing options on our quote builder page.

GDPR compliance

GDPR is the hottest topic in so many sectors right now. With just over a month to go – at the time of writing –  people are starting to scramble to be compliant in time. It’s essential your data is stored securely. A visitor management system is fantastic for this, as it allows you to store your data securely in the cloud.

Installing a visitor management system is a great step on the path to GDPR compliance.

Safety & Security

Not only does it keep your data safe, a visitor management system can also keep your organisation safe. Are you worried about the security of your school or workplace? Do you want to keep track of everyone coming and out of your buildings? A visitor management system is perfect for this.

Not only does this make everyone in your organisation feel safer, it also gives staff more control and ability to plan their day.


Here are some things nobody wants from a visitor management system:

  • A confusing user experience.
  • Long, tedious training sessions on how to navigate said user experience.

And here’s what they do want:

  • An experience they don’t have to think about.

It’s essential to the end user that you pick a system with the most seamless sign-in process possible.

One way to ensure this is to invest in a system that integrates hardware and software. One disadvantage of iPad visitor management systems is that they don’t have this integration. A system like VisiPoint integrates hardware and software seamlessly.


If you’re a growing company you need to be sure you can add new visitor management systems to your network further down the line. You need a visitor management system with scalability options.

A visitor management system that features seamless integration with your network is essential here.


Need a visitor management system with all of these features and more? Then VisiPoint could be right for you. Get in touch to arrange a demonstration.


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