April 18

Why Your Business Should Move on from Visitor Sign-In Books


When it comes to tracking staff and visitors coming to your premises, you can either do it manually or digitally. The manual visitor sign-in book for business is the traditional way of keeping track of who is on your premises. They usually involve reception staff recording visitors in a book or on sheets of paper.

However, while it has its advantages, technological innovations are now taking over. With GDPR imminent and security threats looming large, many businesses are now turning to digital visitor management systems.

Here are 5 reasons your business should use visitor tracking technology.

1. Improved safety

The traditional visitor sign-in book for business may seem as quick and easy, yet it is easily prone to mistakes. This can make it difficult to keep an accurate record of who is at your facility. This means that you can have a potential security risk when you cannot accurately determine who is in your premises.

However, by using a digital system, you will be able to accurately capture the information of your visitors using credentials such as their I.D., driver licences or other documents, which you can then use to do a background check if need arises. With the new GDPR regulations coming into force by May 2018, business will be required to ensure the data of their customers and visitors is secure.

2. Increased efficiency

A major disadvantage of the visitor sign-in book for business is that it can be time consuming and tedious since it is entered manually. However, with the electronic system, the information will be typed right in to the system or a document will be scanned. This makes it a relatively straightforward and simple process to undertake. This will result in reduced delays and the dreaded lines witnessed in the lobby of many business outlets. It will also enhance the productivity of your receptionists, leaving them with more time to concentrate on more important matters.

3. Enhanced control

With the traditional visitor sign-in book for business, the sheets of paper your organisation may be using may get lost or damaged. It can also be hard to decipher the handwriting of what is written in them. Furthermore, since the records are public, anyone wanting information on who has visited the premises can access it very easily. They can then use the information to identify competitors or even steal your clients. However, with the digital management system, one cannot steal pieces of paper or access who is visiting your premises.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Since a digital management system eliminates the need for visitor books, you’ll be making savings in no time.

Over time, you can expect to see a full return on investing in a visitor management system. Because it’s so simple to use, there’s also no need for expensive training courses to learn how the system works.

5. Enhance the image of your business

When visitors come to your business, they will expect an efficient and streamlined process. With the manual method of signing them in, you may find that you have many customers and they may feel inconvenienced when they have to wait for long. However, by automating the process, you will be enhancing the image of your business as one that has a streamlined guest registration process. Furthermore, your staff will now concentrate more on making your visitors feel welcome.


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