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6 Top Customer Service Tools for Small Businesses


In today’s highly competitive business environment, providing excellent customer service is crucial to the success of any fledgeling business. It not only helps you retain your customers but also improves your chances of getting referrals. Numerous organisations are now offering customer service tools with different capabilities.

Whether you are looking for visitor management application, invoicing software, or social media management systems, there are a number of solutions to choose from. Here is a list of six best customer service tools for small business.

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the best help desk software in the market. Helpdesk software helps business managers to keep track of client requests as well as manage their complaints efficiently. Zen desk streamlines your customer service platform to provide support boards and improve your response time tremendously. It provides a live chat service for convenient communication between your support staff and customers. Its Guide feature is a user-friendly platform that manages and provides content to your customers upon request. The Explore feature offers reliable analytics and reporting services to help you identify the flaws in your customer service operations. All these services are highly automated for seamless operation. Zen desk supports communication across social media, phone calls, messages, and email. Its interface is quite intuitive and extremely easy to use.

2. Groove

Groove is a great helpdesk tool famous for providing a free, slick, and user-friendly way of managing customer support. It offers an email ticket management service that allows you to organize tasks, prioritize tickets, and track follow-ups.

Groove’s Common Replies feature helps broadcast similar responses to customers to minimize repetition. It also facilitates communication between customer support operators, which enables them to share tasks. Every customer support history is displayed beside its query to help you access past exchanges. These services are available in the free version of the Grove application. However, to get more superior features found in other customer service tools for small business, in-app purchasing might be needed.

3. Salesforce

Salesforce is a highly recommended customer service tools for small business. It is also a great option when it comes to customer relationship management (CRM). Its flagship features include sales cloud, CPQ, Einstein, service cloud, and field service lightning to name a few. Sales cloud allows you to manage your contacts and track leads from different devices.

The CPQ feature provides clients with accurate quotes, proposals, and contracts. It also automates the processes involved in billing, subscription, and revenue generation. With the Einstein feature, you can automate, analyze and forecast customer needs allowing you to tweak your services and ads to their probable future needs.

4. Intercom Acquire Live Chat

A series of research conducted by the Baymard Usability Institute revealed that the cart abandonment rate for online businesses was 68.8% as of 2016. This implies that out of every ten customers adding products in their cart, only three follow through with the purchase. Insufficient information, inconclusive product description, or omission of product features might be the causes of the aforementioned statistics. With the help of a great live chat service, you can minimize these problems and decrease your customer’s cart abandonment rate.

Intercom Acquire Live Chat is one of the customer service tools for small business that can help you with that. It allows you to initiate conversations and engage customers interested in a particular product. Intercom facilitates the provision responses or any missing information about the product. This way, you can minimize lost sales while also maintaining customer satisfaction.

5. Parature for Facebook

Social media has proven to be the mainstay of leads for most online businesses today. Sites like Facebook and Twitter help brands share their products and services to a wide range of consumers. Today, businesses also use their social media pages as platforms where customers can ask questions or file complaints.

Parature for Facebook is one of the most popular customer service tools for small business. It allows you to monitor and engage with clients 24/7 through your Facebook page.

6. ConnectWise

ConnectWise is a support software that allows you to connect all your devices remotely and manipulate them if need be. Since it has a zero-install capability, it requires minimum support time. It can also penetrate firewalls seamlessly, meaning you don’t need robust technical abilities to manipulate it.

ConnectWise supports multiple sessions to improve efficiency. All these qualities give it an edge when compared to other customer service tools for small business. The software enables you to connect directly to a customer’s computer and fix their problems remotely as long as they allow you to. additionally, it is compatible with various platforms allowing you to easily access your clients’ phones, tablets, or PC’s to address their issues.

These customer service tools for small business are great for both start-ups and growing businesses. They will help you maintain a good relationship with both your clients and contractors.

A great accompaniment to these customer service tools is a visitor management solution. It’s increasingly true that the good old visitor book is being replaced by a visitor management system. This platform eases the sign-in process by providing both clients and staff with an intuitive user-friendly interface.

The system compliments your regular organisation’s reception while offering other superior features such as visitor tracking systems, site security, ID management, and reporting. Having said that, how does it enhance customer experience?

Visitor management helps you create a great first impression by presenting a professional image of your brand. It also enables your visitors to check-in quickly and to gain access to whichever information or assistance they need. Some great systems offer top-notch security to screen malicious traffic. Therefore, a great visitor management system is the cornerstone to a higher customer satisfaction and conversion rate. Combining them with the customer service tools for small business discussed earlier will deliver even better results. Visit today or contact +44 (0) 191 341 0016 for top-notch reception management solutions.


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