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The Top Hospital Management Software for 2018


Searching for reliable, efficient and streamlined hospital management software that offers flexibility between departments is much easier when you know what’s available.

Choosing the best hospital management software can be a daunting process due to the vast amount of packages available. Managers can waste valuable time trying to sort the good from the bad, but the most popular are usually a fair indication of quality.

That’s why we’ve assembled this list of the top hospital management software for 2018.

eHospital Systems

eHospital Systems. for instance, is designed for all sizes of hospitals and is an integrated software package that can be implemented across all departments such as the Electronic Health Records (EHR), OFD and IPI, pharmacy and radiology and has features which include an accounts facility and doctors’ portal. Easy to use and with excellent customer support, it offers flexibility across all devices and is fully customisable to suit a manager’s exact requirements.

Health .NET

Health .NET is from UK-based Dharma Healthcare who have been creating software since 1999. This package provides a modular solution for all aspects of administration including laboratory, radiology and ultrasound departments and accounts. Windows compatible, it even features a voice recognition mode. Hospital staff can use individual report templates which offers great flexibility. Health.NET excel at providing invaluable customer support including creating customisable features to ensure a seamless integration with any other software that you may be using.


Helpdesk is fully customisable, a popular feature with managers. A free trial is available and the software can be deployed via web, cloud or SaaS. Managers approve of its uncluttered appearance, which helps to make it one of the easiest to use. HIPAA compliant, it is compatible with i-phone and Android in addition to other devices, providing efficiency and flexibility for management throughout the hospital.

Sisoft HIS

Sisoft HIS is ideal for medium to large sized hospitals and is in use in at least seven hundred healthcare facilities throughout the world, including government authorities and private establishments. The web based system includes LIS, PACS/RIS and HIS, and is extremely easy to use. Security is a high priority for this software that is constantly being enhanced.


HIMS (Hospital Infrastructure Management Software) from Akshar Technology, an India-based company founded in 2013, operates through cloud, SaaS and Windows. It provides a streamlined operating system that coordinates the processes of different departments. Capable of handling complicated #OPD operations, it deals with all aspects of patient care and history and has a facility for issuing prescriptions. Although the software is advanced, it is uncomplicated in use.


Mediware is from Datamate Infosolutions who have twenty-five years of experience in producing software solutions. This modular system provides a management package that covers pharmacy, radiology, housekeeping, human resources, laboratory, MIS and many other departments. Many customers find the HIS software is efficient and smooth in operation and is an easy to use system.

Geni Pulse

Geni Pulse is a software package to suit a hospital of any size ranging from just five to eight hundred beds. Informative and flexible, it contains modules for OPD, EMR and IPD in addition to accounting and inventory. Image displays of ward beds and an integrated calendar make it a popular choice for managers who approve of its flexibility, quality and streamlined operation. It is also available on a free trial for six months.


The VisiPoint Visitor Management Software system adds the finishing touch to the most sophisticated of software for hospital management. Ideal for the busiest of locations, it is a self-service signing in system that is fast and efficient, rapidly reducing queues in congested reception areas. Compatible with all devices, including mobiles, the VisiPoint Management Software system will effortlessly keep track of everyone in your hospital even during the busiest of times. In emergencies, it will quickly produce lists of patients, visitors and staff enabling safety and security procedures to be implemented without delay. The VisiPoint hardware is unobtrusive and simple to use, reducing the need for extra staff and increasing valuable space in your hospital. Once you have installed the very best software for hospital management, you will want to check out the VisiPoint Management Software system to provide the ultimate in sophisticated electronic management.


VisiPoint is the perfect accompaniment to your hospital management toolset. If you want to improve the safety, security, efficiency and productivity of your hospital, Get in touch with VisiPoint to arrange a demo from one of our experts


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