July 20

Electronic Sign-in System for Schools; 3 Ultimate Mistakes to Avoid


School budgets are tight and it can be difficult to balance the different priorities at the end of the school year. Often the school reception area isn’t top of the list for investment. Yet, this can mean schools are neglecting the security risk posed. Negate this risk by implementing an electronic sign-in system for schools, one of the most affordable and reliable methods to enhance school security. Screen your school visitors as they arrive and keep a digital record of everyone that’s walked through the doors.

You’ll want to make sure you’re making the most out of your investment in a visitor management system for your school. So, let’s take a look at common mistakes you should avoid when you implement a system:

  1. Inefficient reception area –

    It may sound simple, but it is key to evaluate the current layout of the entrance area when installing new equipment. The electronic visitor sign-in system should be in a clear position at reception so the process is quick and easy. If you have multiple entrances, use a unit at each entrance. This will ensure all data is captured and one clear process is followed. Whether it be new visitors, contractors, staff or your pupils, the system should be in an optimum location. Easy-to-follow signage about what is expected to enter the facility should guide visitors.

  1. Relaxed processes –

    It’s true that schools have quite a range of visitors – from parents and guardians, to contract staff and school governors. These visitors often visit the school on a regular basis. Yet, this is often where the weakness lies. It doesn’t matter if the same visitor comes so often that the reception staff know them by name. Every one of them should be documented. This is crucial in terms of making sure there is no one on premise that poses threat. Moreover, in the case of emergency so that everyone is accounted for on the evacuation register. Read more on this in our previous article.

  2. Limited data capture –

    Every school will capture the name and reason for the visit when documenting a visitor. However, there’s a lot more information you could capture to make your school more efficient as a whole. You could choose to ask for their car registration number to make sure there’s no double parking in a crowded school car park. Or ask contractors to confirm their safety certification numbers when they sign-in. An electronic sign-in system for schools is incredibly customisable, the information fields are selected for your unique needs. This information can be shown on the instant print badge too. What’s more, the data is safe and secure. It can be accessed remotely from the management dashboard so you have the information to hand at any time in the future.

With proper installation and training, your school will be able to enjoy the many benefits of a visitor sign-in system, and you’ll have total peace of mind that your school is safe and secure.

VisiPoint is an expert in providing electronic sign-in systems to the education market. Safety and security are high on our agenda, with instant fire and evacuation registers as one of the top features on our product range. Learn more about VisiPoint for education here, or request a demo below.


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