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5 Ways Technology is Changing the Visitor Sign-in Book for Business

Every organisation has a duty of care to their staff and visitors, to ensure their safety by having a thorough understanding of who is on the premises. A visitor sign-in book for business has been the traditional method of keeping track. Yet this has become vastly outdated as technology is cornerstone industry-wide. As a result, visitor tracking technology is gaining intense popularity worldwide. Many organisations are already implementing these systems to sign-in and monitor visitors. To help you understand the benefits, we’ve compiled the top five ways tracking technology is changing the visitor sign-in book for business.

1. Safety

Safety and security of the staff and visitors at a facility is one of the biggest growing concerns for business owners and management. With a visitor sign-in book, it is difficult for staff to provide an accurate, real-time view of everyone on site, especially when multiple buildings are involved. In an emergency evacuation for example, the roll-call can be slow and inefficient as it can be hard to identify people. Visitor management technology streamlines this process with real-time premise reports accessed securely from a desktop or mobile devices.

With schools and education institutions, this reason becomes increasingly prevalent. An electronic sign-in system empowers schools to better their safety and vetting processes. Some smaller schools may not initially consider these systems, yet these systems are flexible to unique needs and budget constraints, with many small primary schools seeing the benefit they can provide in terms of safety and resource savings.

2. Control

Another great reason to choose visitor management technology over your traditional visitor sign-in book for business is the control it offers. It allows you to have greater control over the information you collect about your visitors. You can customise the fields for the information you require. This data is stored on your server or securely in the cloud, where it can be accessed instantly.

With new GDPR regulations coming into play in May 2018, organisations need to get prepared to keep their data secure. Therefore, you have a responsibility to keep all data about who is visiting your site – and when – private and confidential. This technology will help you keep this information secure seamlessly.

3. Brand image

– Every time a visitor enters your building, they will make an immediate judgement based on your reception staff and area. A traditional visitor sign-in book for business could have a negative influence, portraying an on outdated and unorganised image. With visitor tracking technology, you have the chance to ensure a positive first impression.

The touch screen technology will give your reception a modern feel. While the management dashboard allows your staff to provide a professional service. With a visitor registration system, you can pre-register visitors so when they arrive you have a badge ready and waiting for them. Hence, making the whole process easier for both staff and visitors.

4. Efficiency

Here are just some of the ways technology is making the visitor sign-in book for business more efficient:

  • Administration time saving – automating and simplifying the processes involved with staff, visitor and contractor sign-in and management saves staff members valuable time that can be spent on more pressing tasks.
  •  Visitor, staff and contractors save time signing as they can sign in with the touch of their access card, no need to spend time filling in a sign-in book every time you arrive on site.
  • Resource saving – make your business more cost-efficient by saving money on the recurring costs associated with visitor sign-in book for business. Many businesses find that a digital check-in system offers a full return on investment in the first year of operation.

5. Ease of use

One of the best reasons that the visitor sign-in book for business became so popular was its simplicity. Well, what if we told you a digital visitor management soltion was even more simple? It’s true! With a digital visitor management system, visitors, contractors and staff can check in within a matter of seconds, and it couldn’t be easier.

Visitor management systems such as VisiPoint couldn’t be easier to use, no matter your level of technical ability.

There are many ways which technology is changing the way businesses operate today and visitor management is no different. Safety, control and brand image are big concerns for businesses. Visitor management technology can help transform the way you operate

VisiPoint visitor and reception management is designed to help organisations save resources and improve safety. Request a demo below or get in touch to learn more.


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