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How Innovative Office Technology can Transform Your Workplace


This innovative office technology can make your workplace a more positive, productive place. Read on to discover how!

Office buildings and workspaces have long been the subject of criticism. Whether you work in one or just have some passing familiarity with their stereotypical design and layout, you know they haven’t always provided the most favourable environment for getting the job done. Things are changing, however, and the modern workspace isn’t what it used to be. No longer just cubicles and corner offices, today’s technology is reshaping the modern workplace and streamlining productivity in the process. For every type of workspace, new and innovative office technology is revolutionizing the way in which we work and communicate with our co-workers, management and clients.

While not all changes in office technology stick, there are some that have already begun to change the way we work and even more that appear promising for the future; a study by Tech Pro Research, for example, estimates that 76% of workers already use some kind of smart office tech.

Virtual Reality

Once seen only in sci-fi TV and movies, virtual reality is finally here and its real-world applications are seemingly endless. While most are familiar with its use in video games, VR has the potential to be a valuable tool in the workplace and beyond. Its most notable use thus far is in the realm of employee training with retail giant Walmart using it to aid its ever-growing staff while learning the ropes. Equipped with just a virtual reality headset, new employees can experience different simulated scenarios so they’re prepared for and feel confident dealing with them again in the real world, should they present themselves.

Voice Recognition

For a smartphone feature that’s used daily by millions, it’s no wonder voice recognition has found its way into the office. Just like executing Siri or Alexa on your mobile device, businesses are using voice commands to perform tasks both big and small around the workplace. From scheduling meetings to sending emails, this innovative office technology does the job so you don’t have to. Not only is using it easy, but it also saves time. Skip looking up conference call information and manually dealing into meetings; with voice recognition software and devices, almost every process is simplified and can be tracked to stay focused and on-task. Voice recognition devices can also be linked across the office, so you’re co-workers are always in the loop.

Visitor Management Systems

Much like other innovative office technology, visitor management systems save time and effort by automating a process that usually has to be monitored by an employee. Visitor management systems allow visitors, staff and contractors to sign in quickly and securely, providing photo I.D., current and up-to-date emergency lists and live sign-in information so you’re always aware of who’s coming and going. Systems like VisiPoint are easily implemented in an existing office setting and streamline an otherwise archaic process. Swap out your log book for a modern touchscreen that stores visitor history in the cloud and delivers an outstanding experience, all while complying with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines.


One of the most popular trends within modern offices is doing away with the physical office altogether, at least for a day. Cloud-computing and remote desktops make it easy to work from home or on-the-go with just a laptop or desktop computer, all while enhancing the collaborative experience between co-workers. This innovative office technology allows staff to store their work and digital files in a remote server, otherwise known as the “cloud”, that can be accessed from most devices from anywhere you want. This means starting a project at the office and finishing it at home is as simple as ever. It also means you and your colleagues can collaborate on projects in real-time, even if you’re out of the office, by syncing your work across multiple devices, chatting online and sharing new ideas.

Tech-Captured Data

Innovative office technology isn’t just about finding modern solutions to outdated problems; it’s also about finding out what the problem is in the first place. Too often, management is left to find ways of improving productivity and overall office functionality without much to work with. Surveys and employee interviews can only do so much and are quite often an unreliable source; they’ll tell you what you want to hear or what they think they need, not what they actually need. Enter tech-captured data. By using and analyzing data from smart devices and virtual reality demonstrations, management can discover and better learn what it is that creates a successful work environment. This new data can be used to control costs, improve decision-making, justify investments, maximize productivity and ultimately keep employees happy and productive.

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Traditionally, offices and workplaces have been designed from the outside in; filled with what were once considered just the essentials, they revolved around limiting distractions rather than increasing productivity. Today, workplaces and are ever-changing, constantly implementing new and innovative office technology to better suit employees and how they work. Not all changes succeed but by embracing them, it’s much easier to learn what works and what doesn’t.

On the other hand, there are many innovations that have shown clear evidence of improving the workplace and increasing productivity along the way. The qualities of virtual reality and voice recognition, for example, have transitioned well to the office setting, while cloud-computing has been accepted as the industry standard for file-sharing and collaboration.

Similarly, visitor management systems are quickly becoming the norm for guests entering an office space and help to create a streamlined experience that could only be accomplished with this kind of technology. Though not yet as ubiquitous as some office innovations, implementing a visitor management system like VisiPoint can create a paperless sign-in process that enhances the visitor experience and improves safeguarding. By embracing technology such as VisiPoint, you’ll learn just how effectively it works and how it can positively impact both your staff and guests.


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