July 12

Why You Should Replace Your Staff Signing In and Out Book

Your staff signing in and out book is harming your efficiency and your brand image, here’s why you should replace it.

If you’ve ever had to sign in at the reception area of any workplace, you’ve likely come across old-fashioned paper staff sign-in books. They’re becoming less and less common in most sectors, but some organisations are still holding on to them. The major disadvantage of physical sign-in books is that they’re bad for data privacy, accuracy, GDPR compliance and brand image, among many other things.

It’s likely that you’re putting your organisation at a disadvantage simply by continuing to use a paper-based staff sign-in system. By switching to a digital visitor management system, your organisation can:

  • More securely store data, complying fully with GDPR
  • Improve your organisation’s brand image
  • Make data more accurate
  • Save money over time compared to paper visitor books
  • Increase your organisation’s overall efficiency

So, here’s why your staff signing in and out book should be replaced with a digital visitor management solution.

data privacyData privacy

How private do you think your data is when it’s stored in a paper sign-in book that’s lying on a reception desk out in the open? In the event of a break-in, it’s likely that your visitor data is going to be lost permanently if it’s solely stored in a staff signing in and out book.

Many people are – understandably – sensitive about the security and privacy of their personal data. It’s vital then, when collecting staff data, that you assure them it’s in safe hands. This is particularly true within an environment where data is particularly sensitive, such as care homes and hospices.

The solution to this? Secure, cloud-based staff records. With a digital staff sign-in system, your data is stored privately. With a paper visitor book, someone could simply glance up and down the pages and see who is on-site. A digital sign-in solution allows you to see your own data and nobody else’s.

If you’re serious about data privacy, you should consider switching your staff signing in and out book with an electronic staff sign-in system.


If you’re a receptionist or administrator, you’ve almost certainly had to deal with some fairly atrocious handwriting from people signing in. I know I’m guilty of this, and it must be incredibly frustrating for anyone who has to manually enter it into their database.

A digital staff sign-in system hugely reduces the risk of ambiguous data being entered by staff signing in. Staff data is then automatically stored in the cloud, and it accessible using a management dashboard. This means that administration staff don’t have to manually enter this information themselves, saving them time and further reducing the risk of inaccurate data.

removing dataRemoving and amending data

Even if you don’t see an issue with collecting data using a staff signing in and out book, it’s likely you’ve encountered this issue:

Someone comes up to reception and tells you that they want a piece of data amended or removed from their record. You take a deep breath, knowing you’re about to have to navigate your way through the data of hundreds – possibly thousands – of people.

Even if your sign-in books are organised using a filing system, it’s still a time-consuming process physically finding someone’s data in your files.

With GDPR requirements for information amendment and deletion now in full effect, it’s more essential than ever that you’re able to remove and amend data when needed. That’s why a digital sign-in solution is essential. The system stores all staff sign-in data in the cloud, so you can quickly and easily access it with a quick search.

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If you’re looking to make the move away from a staff signing in and out book to a secure, intuitive digital alternative, VisiPoint is ideal. Get in touch with a member of our expert team for a free consultation.


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